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I can't be bothered finishing off my latest BLX stories, so I'm just going to post them in their incomplete states... The first is straightforward, but I failed spectacularly to actually make it amusing. Had I actually spent more time on it, I'd have probably rewritten it from scratch. The second was going to be vaguely amusing, if I'd only approached it from the right angle. The idea makes me laugh, but presenting it as a news type article is the wrong way of going about it. It should really be done as a filmed infomercial, but I lack the ability to do that. It's one thing sitting down for a few minutes and writing, it's quite another trying to produce a satire sketch show :o)

And the third article could have been good, and the point is there any everything. It just needs more polishing than I can really be arsed to give it. The idea is to show that the notion of fat people suing the fast food industry is no more insane than any other consumer group taking legal action against large multinational corporations which ultimately make a living out of damaging their health. I mean, sure, I laughed when I read about their legal claim too, but still, it's a fair point that they're doing nothing any more outrageous than any of a number of other groups, and I'd like to think that I can be fair, so this one's for them... :o)

You can find them (and the rest of my crap) here...

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completely irrelevant, but
have you seen this?
i couldn't stop laughing, anyway...

I am amused. I have responded.

Hi.. I came across your 'what is love' posting on Ask_me_anything.

I thought it was beautiful.. in fact, I pinched it and sent it to the bf, sorry (plagiarism, I know).. it was so true!

Heh, thanks, I try my best :o)

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