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Name: James
Do you like it?: Not much, hence first nickname:
Nicknames: Jamie, Jimbo...
Screen names: UnknownJ, TheUnknownJames, variations on that theme
Age: 20
Birthday: 01/12/81
Sign: Sagittarius
Location: Oxfordshire right now, usually Brighton
School: The University of Sussex
Status: I don't think there's a word for it
Natural hair color: Brown
Current hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Birthplace: Oxford
Shoe size: 12
Bra size: The last one I wore was 36C...


Parents: Keith and Sarah
Siblings: Ed and Anna
Live with: Jimbo, Claire, Alex, Harry
Favorite relative: Hate the lot of 'em ;o)


Number: 1138
Colors: Purple, in a straight way ;o)
Day: Friday
Month: December
Song: Right this second, The Weakerthans - Aside
Movies: Alice in Wonderland, Dune, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Me Without You
Food: Pizza Hut
Bands: The Ataris, The Weakerthans, Live, Everclear
Season: Summer
Sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Class: Genetic Algorithms
Teacher: Mr Ryder
Drink: Root Beer
Veggie: No
TV Show: Dare to Believe / Six Feet Under / Friends / Invader Zim
Radio Station: No
Store: Hot Topic
Word: Fuzzle
Animal: Cat
Flower: Peach Roses
State: Pennsylvania

[::this or that::]

Me/You: You
Coke/pepsi: Coke
Day/night: Night
Cd/cassette: CD
Jeans/khakis: Jeans
Car/truck: Car
Tall/short: Depends
Lunch/dinner: Dinner
Gap/Old Navy: Old Navy, 'cos I'm wearing it
Lipstick/Lipgloss: On me? Uh...
Silver/Gold: Silver
Alcohol/Weed: Alcohol

[::the past::]

What is the one thing you would change about your past?: Liz
What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: See above
Last thing you heard: People in the office talking
Last thing you saw: People drinking from the water cooler
Last thing you said: "One thing he's offering us all donuts, the next it's 'By the way, we've been lying about our profits, you're all out of work'"
Who is the last person you saw?: Pete
Who is the last person you kissed?: Rachel
Who is the last person you hugged?: Rachel
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: David
What is the last TV show you saw?: Six Feet Under
What is the last song you heard?: The Weakerthans - My Favourite Chords

[::the present::]

What are you wearing?: Red American Flag Old Navy t-shirt, blue sweatshirt, black trousers, grey socks, black shoes
What are you doing?: Avoiding work
Who are you talking to?: Various people in the office
What song are you listening to?: Nothing *sigh*
Where are you?: In my office
Who are you with?: Nobody else is in here right now
Are you online?: Yes
How are you feeling?: Sleepy
Are you in a chatroom?: Yes


What day is it tomorrow?: The one year anniversary of an important day
What are you going to do after this?: Work, I expect
Who are you going to talk to?: Pete
Where are you going to go?: Well I'll stay at work for another 3 hours
How old will you be when you graduate?: Uni? I'll be 21
What do you wanna be?: Creative
What is one of your dreams?: To be a writer
Where will you be in 25 years?: Anywhere but here


Do you write in cursive or print?: Whichever is more appropriate to the context
Are you a lefty or a righty?: Right
What is your sexual preference?: Women
What piercings do you have?: Eyebrow, and possibly left ear, it might have healed...
Do you drive?: No
Do you have glasses or braces?: No
Did you like this survey?: It was good, because it meant I didn't have to do work for five minutes...


01. what do you think of the way you look? I'm not as 'hawt' as people say, but I look better than I used to.
02. what do you think about your attitude? I'm very sarcastic :o)
03. what do you think about the first person that loved you? She had a funny way of showing it.....
04. what do you think about karma? It's reassuring
05. what do you think about love? I love it :o)
06. what do you think about fate? Also reassuring
07. what do you think about yourself? I love and hate myself all at the same time
08. what do you think about the french? I have no specific opinions on them in general. I just hate 'em all individually (joke!)
09. what do you tell yourself when times get hard? That it'll all be okay...
10. what would you give your life for? Certain people
11. what was the saddest moment of your life so far? July 28th 2001
12. what would life be without friends? Boring and empty
13. what would life be without family? Quieter ;o)

.about dreams

14. do you dream a lot at night? Yes
15. do you dream in black and white, or colour? Colour
16. do you remember any of your dreams? Often
17. where is your dream make-out spot? On a sandy beach, by the sea, at night
18. what is your dream kiss like? Perfect
19. what is your dream job? Writer
20. where is your dream house? By the sea

.whats the weirdest..

21. gift you ever bought? A dildo for Jen's 17th birthday
22. hair style you ever had? The one I have after dancing for hours in Club New York
23. thing youve ever done? Flown half-way around the world a few times for a girl...
24. thing you ever ate? My Ultimate Sandwich
25. line you ever used? I don't use lines
26. drink you had? Coffee and Vodka

.do you ..

27. .. write in a journal or diary? Often ;o)
28. .. keep an organizer? No
29. .. believe in love at first sight? Yes
30. .. believe that every person has one soul mate? No
31. .. believe in having a good education? Yes
32. .. believe in horoscopes? No
33. .. believe in yourself? Sometimes
34. .. shower daily? Sometimes ;o)
35. .. like this survey so far? It hasn't made me want to KILL yet
36. .. like the person that sent you this/posted this? Sure
37. .. cry easily? Not especially
38. .. believe in heaven / hell? No
39. .. believe in god? Several
40. .. believe in angels/ghosts or other such things? Not as such


41. day of the week: Friday
42. ice-cream: Peanut Butter
43. movies: Alice in Wonderland, Blade Runner, Dune, Star Wars, Me Without You
44. actors: Brad Pitt, David Duchovny, Jason Lee
45. actresses: Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, Sean Young
46. quote: Can't pick one
47. holiday: Christmas
48. season: Summer
49. colors: Purple
50. flowers: Peach roses
51. school subject: Maths
52. town: Belleville, PA
53. country: This one
54. drink: Root beer
55. food: Pizza
56. thing to wear: Comfortable clothes that suit me
57. music: Punk/Pop/Rock
58. page on the internet: LJ
59. place in your house: My room
60. animal: Cat


61. crush/boyfriend/girlfriend's name: Wouldn't want to inflate her ego ;o)
62. what is a big turn on for you? A nice smile
63. where does that special someone live? Not too far away
64. things you like in the opposite sex? Fun :o)
65. when was your first kiss? That I can remember? 17...
66. do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and start crying? Not lately....
67. the most fucked up thing you've ever done to get someones attention is? Got my arse out on my journal? :o)
68. which is more important - personality or looks? Personality
69. favorite position, top or below? Both are good
70. have you had sex? Yes

.creative questions

71. if you had the chance to speak with william shatner what would you say to him? "Why did you have to start writing? Couldn't you have just stayed an actor?"
72. what color do you think best describes you and why? Dayglow orange, because I'm annoying ;o)
73. if you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing? Dunno, but whatever it is, I'd be doing it in Brighton
74. does the idea of leprechauns scare you? Um, no
75. have you ever wanted to make someone cry for no reason? Wanted to, and have done.
76. have you ever written on a mirror? No
77. if you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why? I'm happy with how the last 24 hours has gone
78. do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed? Outside, if only it were warm enough
79. what is the most beautiful thing in the world? The look in someone's eyes when you know they're only thinking about you
80. name one person whose changed your life for the better: Brian
81. did gym class or team sports traumatize you as a child? Yes
82. if you had to let go of a really loud fart who would you be most comfortable around? Jimbo and Harry, because they do the same
83. if someone could pop their eyeballs right out of the sockets would that impress you? Yes, but I'd hurt them if they showed me
84. if you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why? Jesus, so I could pull his hair, just so I could tell people later "I pulled Jesus' hair"
85. what makes you you? Cynicism

.school: have you ever ..

86. skipped school? Yes
87. skipped a class? I skipped a whole term
88. slept through a class? Yes
89. thrown things at the teacher, and what did you throw? Only small things at Miss Hawley and Mr Ryder, and never maliciously. They started it...
90. done mean things to people in your class? Nothing undeserved
91. cheated on tests? Yes
92. plagarized? Yes
92. copied someone else's work? Yes
93. been suspended, and for what? Nope
94. been expelled, and for what? Nope
95. had detention? Nope
96. brought a weapon to school, and what was it? A semi-automatic with hollow-tipped bullets, along with an array of anti-personnel mines and grenades.
97. stolen something from someone at school? Not to my recollection
98. had drugs in your posession at school? No
99. harrassed anyone in school? No
100. bought a teacher a flower? No

.home: have you ever ..

102. snuck out and been caught? No
103. snuck out and got away with it? No
104. hit a family member? Ed hardly counts, so no ;o)
105. been grounded for a month or more? No
106. had a party at your house unsupervised? At my house in Brighton, sure...
107. broken something & lied about it? Yes
108. stolen money from your family members? Probably
109. had a fistfight with your sibling? Yes
110. gotten in trouble for bad grades? Yes

.drugs: have you ever ..

111. smoked cigarettes? No
112. drank alcohol? Yes
113. been so drunk you passed out? Yes
114. puked from drug usage? Alcohol, yes
115. sniffed permanent markers or white out to get "high"? No
116. smoked the killer weed (marijuana)? Not smoked, but ingested, and got high from, yes...
117. smoked the killer weed (oregano)? Not so much
118. taken any pill medication that wasn't prescribed to you? No
119. smoked crack, or any other drug? No
120. tried heroin in any form? No
121. tried x? No
122. candy flipped? No
123. bought illegal drugs? Yes
124. sold illegal drugs? No
125. had an adult or older person buy you alcohol or cigarettes? No
126. stolen alcohol or cigarettes from a store? No
127. driven drunk or under the influence of anything? No
128. done any unusual drugs? No
129. tried inhalants? No
130. took sleeping pills? No
131. took caffeine pills? Yes
132. used 3 or more drugs at once? No
132. tripped acid? No
133. hallucinated? Yes
134. taken a drug & swore you'd never take it again because of something that happened? Yes
135. overdosed? No
136. taken something you didn't know what it was? No
137. played a game such as "who will get the drugs"? No
138. been in a drinking contest? Yes
139. won a drinking contest? Yes
140. gone to school/work on drugs? Drunk, yes
141. been caught by your parents or any adult while you were on drugs? Last time I did pot, I phoned my mother, so kinda....

.misc: have you ever ..

142. stolen anything minor (small things)? No
143. stolen anything major (expensive)? No
144. robbed a store/person? No
145. been caught stealing? No
146. vandalized anything? No
147. stolen anything not from a store? No
148. tampered with other people's mail? No
149. driven illegaly? Only in America
150. ran from the cops? No
151. been busted by the cops for anything? No
152. been arrested? No
153. had charges on anything filed against you? No
154. been to court? No
155. been convicted of any crime? No
156. broken in to any place? No
157. spraypainted anything? No
158. harassed anyone? No
159. done anything under the age of consent (drink, etc.)? No
160. had sex under the age of consent? No
161. hit or harmed anyone? No
162. broken into anyone else's stuff online? Yes
163. hacked a persons computer or website? Yes
164. commited adultery? No
165. been banned from any place for any reason? No
166. had a restraining order against you? No

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Thats a hell of a lotta info...brain can't absorb any more and I orly got to number 28 ;)

omg jay! how long did that take you?

yay for sagitarians, peach roses and PA! you'll have to read mine when i get it done

Took me about ten minutes, I think...

And naturally I'll read yours too, it's only fair after all....

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