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Well that was a weird set of dreams.... Feeling a bit sleepy this afternoon, I went back to bed, and good God, I dreamed some weird stuff. In one of them, I was in Belleville, only my family had taken me there. I seem to recall going to the shops in Burnham, going to Giant and K-Mart, and then my brother going to the record store where I bought my first Ataris CD.

Then there were other dreams. Then me and my housemates decided we didn't like our house in the city, but instead, we wanted to get a tent out in the woods. So we moved to Pennsylvania (why the Hell am I thinking about America so much?) and set up a tent there. We hung out there for a while, then I went to get a mid-afternoon nap (while I nap, I dream of napping - cute) in one of the other rooms. I woke up part of the way through, and the room had changed into my bedroom at home, but it was still part of the tent. I looked out of the window, and the whole thing was moving, it was scary. And when I got outside, the tent was somewhere completely different, and I was lost in the forest. Blah.

As a result of my psyche trying to screw with my head, I've not actually been awake lately, so there's nothing tangible to report. Probably going to spend a quiet night in - slightly not-good, but then again, I'm no worse off than my expectations from Friday, so that's okay. Next weekend... Or the following week... Or whatever... It's all good :o)

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i'm sorry... honestly. i suck. i'm not fair.

but yes, i get back on 26th... see you then :)

It's fine, I already told you - I had no expectations of seeing you this weekend on Friday, so it's not like I'd been looking forward to it all week. And it made me really happy Saturday night, so that's a positive thing. So, yeah, don't worry about it.

26th? I'll see if I'm free......... :o)

i know, and for that i'm sorry. i feel like a big shit. (as you may be able to tell...) and it'll be the 27th dude, i get back on 26th!

I already said, I wasn't expecting anything on Friday, I was happy last night, and I'm hardly crying or anything right now. So it's fine :o)

And 27th is probably just as feasible as the 26th ;o)

:) mmkay. but you have to bring mallrats. i'll text you times and stuff if you like.

Deal :o)

And, uh, directions would be nice, sometime ;o)

they shall be forthcoming. it takes about half an hour of manic rachel driving to get from yours to mine. and probably 45 minutes of your parents :P

Good good :o)

I'm sure my dad can do it in about 20 minutes, but I won't ask him to try.

But 45 minutes is good anyway - beats flying 5,000 miles...

shit, yeah, considering that, it seems much easier :)

plus you get all the fun of our lovely posh house :S

Let's see, first time I flew out there, I was delayed at the airport for four hours, then seven hours flight, then six hour car ride, just to get to Jen's house. Fourty five minutes will do fine :o)

And I'm nervous about your house now - especially after you've seen the hovel that I live in :o)

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