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And I quote the man himself:
There seems to be a lot of concern that this is evil, and it well might be. :) But... it's entirely opt-in evil, so don't worry. Just don't use it and all is well
And on the page itself:
Sexiest Picture
Which userpic keyword do you want to try to seduce people with?
And is not responsible for verifying that anybody who finds you using this service isn't entirely psycho. (In all likelihood, they are.)
I'm gonna play with this thing (and no, before anybody accuses me of owt, I'm not looking right now, I just think it's funny :o)

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(Deleted comment)
You're obviously broken.

Try putting a picture of your face on there and see if that helps ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Oh well, if GIR is more important than finding a hairy German lady with whom you can make warped children, then that's fine....

It does? Why? :o)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Whose brilliant idea was this?

>365 single people looking for love!

Ha. One for every day of the year.

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

But that only gives 24 hours per person, and that's often not long enough for it to be done quite right... ;o)

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Who says?

Well, I suppose you're right. I just found it odd that it was a perfect 365.

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Clearly you've never done it for more than 24 hours at a time... Shame on you ;o)

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

I'm sure it's males and females, so you might end up with a sex you don't want on certain days :þ

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Right. And, I'm not even bi-sexual. Just a plain old straight girl. Things might be so much easier if I was into both. lol

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

How do you know until you've tried?

(cue one of:
Answer 1: I have, here's how it went...., or
Answer 2: Good point, I'll do that.....
Either way, all is good)

Disclaimer: Don't mind me, I'm in "one of those moods" today ;o)

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Makes it difficult if you are a mongamous bi-sexual though!

Hmmmz - marry a hermaphrodite perchance!? :0)

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Or a man with tits.... DIRK!


(Deleted comment)

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Won't that be kinda rare to find? Cause I'm so sure one of the 365 is one :þ

Re: Whose brilliant idea was this?

Yeah, looks like you'll just have to decline the women...

Jaems are you not just tempting fate with the old "ur hawt" thing again from quadrillions of - well y'know?

Surely an ego boost from other areas of demography would be more preferable?

Thinking about it - perhaps other geographies too?

Yes, I wasn't being entirely serious - the demographic group typically responsible for those comments is not my target group... Geographically also, they're inaccessible because they're Americans.

However, right now, I'm not looking, so their identities make no difference to me - I just like having cool-looking comments pages ;o)

Heh - well thats entirely dependent on your definition of "cool" of course - and obviously it fits your particular perception otherwise you wouldn't have said it soooooooooooo - have fun! :0)

I'm hurt

Jamie, I most certainly am not a 14 year old girl, so I'm hurt that you didn't include 16 year old boys in the group that think you're "hawt". Might I add, however, that I never said you were hot, or hawt. I said I thought you were gorgeous, which is definitely different.


but there's no "human, seeking anyone" option.

That's why you search 4 times... first, a male searching female, then a female searching male, then a female searching female, thena male searching male... and make your age from 18 to 99... oh, oops, forgot to count the fact that you can only have one country at a time... darn...

i can't believe that there is actually a singles scene on lj. i should've expected it though.

you've got to love the disclaimer!

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