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Well I found the pub in the end. It wasn't quite as far along the road as I thought it was - probably no more than a mile away from me, although with a big guitar on my back, uphill the whole way, it wasn't exactly easy. Especially since the guitar is quite big, and kept just brushing past trees and making them drop water on me - that was irritating, to say the least.

Anyhow, met up with Mark at the pub, got a couple of drinks, watched Tim Henman get totally whipped by Lleyton Hewitt, but I can't be mad, since he has a Welsh name :o) Right now, Friends is on - perhaps one of the best ever. The One With The Flashback. From towards the start of the third season, it's one of those episodes that has so much stuff in it. It's got the whole Carol turning out to be a lesbian thing, and Joey moving into Chandler's. Plus, it's got the bar they used to hang out in, which got turned into a coffee house (Central Perk), and kinda explains why it is that they're there...
Monica: Hey-hey-hey. You wanna hear something that sucks.
Chandler: Do I ever.
Monica: Chris says they’re closing down the bar.
Chandler: No way!
Monica: Yeah, apparently they’re turning it into some kinda coffee place.
Chandler: Just coffee! Where are we gonna hang out now?
Monica: Got me.
Chandler: (to bartender) Can I get a beer.

Phoebe: Oh, that is so unfortunate.
Ross: What?
Phoebe: Cute naked guy is really starting to put on weight.

Ross: My marriage is over. Because Carol's a lesbian, and I'm not one. Apparently it's not a mix and match situation

Ross: My foot is stuck in the pocket... ...I can't get it out
Phoebe: That's not something a girl wants to hear

Joey: Well, there was that one time that Monica and Rachel got together.
Rachel: Excuse me, there was no time!
Joey: Okay, but let’s say there was. How might that go?
Watching Big Brother's Little Brother now, Adele thinks that that PJ is like Iago from Othello, who everyone likes, but who turns everyone against each other and dies at the end. How ironic that she thinks that... :o) Adele has to go later, that'll be funny... And gradually, I'm starting to finally warm to Jade... When I saw her puppet of Kate, even before the psychologist verified exactly what I was thinking, I thought "Aww, she's made her look as pretty as she can, and really sweet". Which was just a really nice thing, and perhaps revealed a side of her that's nice to people... We'll see....

Anyway, more later.....

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except that episode screws up the continuity ;)

but, whoo. Miocene. schweeeeet.

At what point does it mess with continuity?

well, it's set a year before the first series, right?

and at the end ross announces carol is gay, yet in the first episode he talks about having just moved the last of his stuff out ;)

now, unless you wanna believe it took him a year to move his stuff out.. ;)

Well yes, I do. It's Ross, remember? He's not going to let go of the marriage thing easily. Anyhow, the first episode starts with Monica saying "Carol moved her stuff out today." Obviously, they won't have broken up immediately, because Ross isn't the sort of person who'd let that happen. Then they'd try living apart for a while, because Carol would need to humour him. Then finally, a year after she comes out, she finally moves out the last of her stuff. She could have mostly moved out ages before. It's just the significance of Ross now being completely alone.

So there :o)

grasping at straws ;)

gay is gay. its not like she ran off with another man, he has no hope of getting her back ;)

This from the man who only has one point? ;o)

You know as well as I do, Ross isn't exactly going to give up easily. It takes a year for him to completely separate his life from her's - after four years of marriage, and given that this is Ross, that doesn't seem like too much.

This has nothing 2 do w/ ur entry, but just a question...
Do u know Jon Barker???(privatelyricist) Just wondering.

oh ok, I was just wondering cos he has a friend named James N he lives in the U.K N u live in the U.K N ur name is James so I maybe thought that u were his friend or sumthing like that, but I guess not. its kool tho!

It's hard to know what to say to this........

Hahahahahaha that is a classic one James you have to make a meal of that!

Your name is James and you live in the uk so therefore ...!

Aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah thats made my day!

I know, don't even get me started... He lives in the UK and knows somebody called James, and I live in the UK and my name is James. Surely we must know each other... :o)

Some people, eh?

well, y'know, England is just that Laaaandan place, which only has a few people. and then theres that Schaaatland place up north a bit ;)

Hmmmz - does this now challenge the theory about people from different countries? Heheh!

dddduuuuddddeeee!!! I was just curious!! Its not like I SAID that they MUST know each other, but u never know ok SoRry 4 even asking, geez I can't even ask a simple damn question w/o ppl fucking all up on me!!

Well you have to admit, it did sound fairly stupid.....

Try not to take it too personally - its a bit of a UK joke thats all!

You know who this is, and why I'm doing it

Lmao. Is someone trying to imitate me?

This is a post to show my static ip is different from the previous post, so it can't be me.

Y'know, just for the record.

1) I don't think anybody wants to be you

2) I didn't think it was you anyway

My, you do like playing the high and mighty, don't you?


I was thinking sarcastic, but....

They tend to go hand in hand.

Pleasepleaseplease tell me that Miocene track is a metal cover of 'Why Hip-Hop sucks in 95' by DJ Shadow. That'd rule. Well, actually it'd suck, but I'd still be impressed :)
Gah, shouldn't poist while drunk

its not

but that explains why the song is titled thusly on the CD:

"Why Metal Sucks In 2002 (With Thanks To DJ Shadow)"

its a pretty cool song.. mostly instrumental, just one lyric, "it's the money".

i <3 Miocene. can you tell? :P

I think I saw them once at Freak (then Hollywoods) about three years ago. they were okay, I wasn't that moved b/c they seemed to be copping Korn *loads*(the singer was making J davis moves and doing little nursery rhyme bits), but i haven't heard them since and i wouldn't dream of judging a band by how they sounded when they were still learning. Recommend me a song?

And I'm pleased to see an appearance of the My Bloody Valentine Jazzmaster :D

heh. i <3 the cover of that album ;)

uuum. its hard to say. the last EP they did (Cellular Memory) isn't really divisible into tracks, since a lot merge into another.. its a collection of kinda Tool-esque metal and leftfield jazz. if that makes any sense..

see if you can find the aforementiond WMSI2002, and also State Of Flux.. from their earlier stuff, which is pretty much metal, try Pure, 9mm High & Rising aaaand Fits Like That.

Cellular Memory came out as a single though (despite being about 40 minutes long), so you can find it for about a fiver on amazon or HMV-type places..

Wow, that sounds way different to the band I saw, maybe I saw a band playing at the same night and just assumed it was miocene :) sounds cool actually, both Tool and left-field jazz are wicked. Well now audiogalaxy's been shut down I need to find a new filesharer, but I'll put them on my download list when I get set up with a new one :)

awesome. i'd sort you out some myself, but sadly i can't cos my CDROM drive is buggered.

mel has Cellular Memory, try and steal a copy off her ;)

I don't think we need talking through why jokes are funny in friends you know.

Also, that is far from the funniest. The One Where No One's Ready, or The One Where Everyone Finds Out are much "best" episodes.

That's good, because I didn't talk through any of the jokes. I made a point, and then illustrated it with a quote, that's all.

Second of all, I said it was "perhaps one of the best ever", which is a subjective assessment based on how well it adds to the show. I never said it was the funniest. Furthermore, mine was an opinion - you state yours like it's a fact, which it is not.

When you're quite done being wrong for tonight, feel free to stop posting.

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