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I replied to my prank caller, and left a message on his machine:

And I recorded it onto here at the same time...

Well, I thought it was funny, anyway.... :o)

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Of course, I didn't actually listen to the MP3.

That was pretty damn funny. Friend of mine got a good laugh out of it too when he overheard it and I explained what happened.

Wow. You have got an incredibly sexy voice. I absolutely love the accent. If only there were more accents in Michigan. . . ::sigh::

That's an interesting accent yuo have :)

It's Australian ;o)

No, that's not Australian.. it's just freaky :)

No, really, it's Australian. Or, rather, it's a cross between Australian and English....

you sound like the crocidile hunter.

or not.

- blue

I'll give you a cross, but it's certinaly not pure Australian. :) (I had a girlfriend who was Australian once...)

Hehehehe kooalabongah mate!

Noooooooo! No Aussie jokes! Yes, you do have a very very sexy accent, and yes, you can hear the Brit in it. Just let me fangirl about for a bit.

I apologise for the awful impression of an Aussie accent - it wasn't really intended for Australians to hear it, otherwise I might have made a proper effort - all I really managed there was a vaguely southern-hemisphere-esque version of my own accent... :o)

Care to type up the text version?


I posted it as a comment on previous post, I think....

I don't quite know how to react to that voice, it's just weird.

All we need to complete the circle of joy is an mp3 of Jamie's reeeeeeeal voice.

Ha. I got it before he posted it.

Psssht, well I never claimed to be terribly bright now, did I? Wow. Yes, it is most definitely better!

Aww, nuts, I liked the pretend Australian one... :o)

that made me crack up :) You have one of those voices for people on infomercials, ya know? hehe.

Interesting voice... both of them... you should've just said the same thing with both accents though...

Yes, I agree, that would be a far better comparison. I too like both accents, why don't they speak like this here in the US? *pout* Hope he does so.

By the way, he can ring me up anytime, leave a message and I'll be quite happy about it. Very sexy voice and quite handsome too I might add, I watched the video as well.

Cause then it wouldn't be so nice to hear that kind of accent, it'd just be boring, normal, everyday accents....

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