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I'd write Satire about this, but it's already funny enough....
Apparently, Semen makes women happy. Here's the story... Hands up if you think that the scientists involved aren't getting as many blow jobs as they'd like, and are trying to do something about it......

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I see-men as taking the piss here..

*raises a weary hand*

*falls over*


I wonder if they are taking into account the possible psychological implications of using/not using condoms. IE, are the women whose partners usually wear condoms also having more casual sex. Are the women whose partners usually don't involved in a committed relationship? These factors would probably have a significant effect on the validity of the conclusions being drawn here, and yet they were never mentioned.

*raises hand*

It's mentioned in the New Scientist article from where the BBC lifted the story. *Apparently* they took such factors into account but in my opinion the number of people in the study was too small to eliminate such factors and still keep decent reliability of the results.

And on another note - who even came up with the idea for this study? And how? Moreover, how did they convince anyone to take them seriously and do a study?

I can see how they convinced them to do it:

"Take part in our study, and you'll get laid"

How they got anybody to take it seriously? Not sure about that one......

they wore clown costumes.

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