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Quick Fix
Rather than bothering locking rooms externally, I merely locked everything in the room "magically". You now need the amulet to pick up the arrows, which you need to add to the bow to make your weapon, but you need to kill the monster by the bow, which means getting the sword, but that too is guarded. The skull tells you what to do, of course, but you have to USE the skull, and not many people will, after learning that using other seemingly useless things didn't work very well :o)

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Shut up with the computer shit, and explain the 'my lass' comment, please. I am having one of my fucking excellent days which i intend to enjoy to the full and I want to share it with many people, so off I go to Swansea!love you Becca xxx

Naturally, I refer to my girlfriend. Duh

"..I am having one of my fucking excellent days..."

Glad someone is!

I thought you were talking about your room there. I thought you had magically locked your room :/

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