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Feel myself, head made of the ground, I'm scared, I'm not coming down
I'm having a crisis - having washed all my clothes, I now don't know what to wear on Thursday, for arguably the biggest party of the year, if not my life. I hate this - it'll pretty much take me from now until then to work out what clothes would go best...

Anyhow, I've burned eleven CDs of MP3s for Shanu.... I'm off to his place soon to get a few more blank CDs to finish the job. Broadband rules, especially in conjunction with AudioGalaxy (as was). Then I have to go revise Differential Equations and Numberical Analysis or whatever it is, in order to pass my exams this week. Tomorrow I revise for Differential, then Tuesday it's the exam, Wednesday I revise for NumAnal, and then Thursday, I have the exam, and the party afterwards. I'm taking the rest of my bottle of vodka to Uni with me, and all the money I can spare. I doubt I'll have even the slightest recollection of the night, seeing as how I'll be out of my head by noon :o)

Anyway, despite how happy I ought to be feeling now that the year is finally coming to a close, I'm really not. I would go so far as to say that right now, I feel like shit. So I'm gonna go out, and see if the sunshine makes me feel better :o)

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heheh, you do NumbAnal :P

i'm so damn childish

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