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Let's see how well you all know me then.....

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hehe at least i never claimed to know you. :P

I got the same... the second and tenth I guessed correctly... the rest was horrible... he has peppermint boxers õ_Ô

heh I *know*
I want the glow in the dark ones

o.o *Blink*... what exactly IS the point of... those boxers... not like anyone will see them, unless you walk around in them like certain people I know... just to show people it glows I might add...

You'd be surprised how many people have seen them - I show them off whenever possible.

And if I didn't, there's still my girlfriend, and me... And I gotta say, it's the coolest thing in the world to be wearing glow in the dark boxers. I prefer them even to my silk ones....

*Blinks*... So you walk around in the dark around your friends/girlfriend in the glow in the dark boxers? ... just to show them off and all? o.o

well. if you're a superhero that works at night plenty of people will see them because you'd be wearing them over your tights.

See, that's just not true... they wear thongs... tight... freaky thongs no one wants to see them in... they'd have to invent glow-in-the-dark thongs... Gee, I HOPE they don't have those....


apparently my knowledge about trivia in your life is fairly lacking ;)

ha! I spite you by shouting to my brother pick a letter a-d 10 times :oP

Just because you don't know the answers ;o)

nah I knew about half of them, and had vague ideas towards the others.

(Deleted comment)
i dunno, maybe you think he's "hawt" ;)

(Deleted comment)
Yay! I did shite.


Which did you get wrong?

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