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So the US is worried about Iraq, you know, killing them. So their solution? Kill their leader. That won't piss them off, or make extremists want to kill US citizens.......

The exam wasn't so bad today - I didn't do very well on it, but I managed to get a couple of marks on every question, so I didn't feel like the whole thing was beyond me or anything...

I'm ridiculously quiet lately - I should really write more, but it's hard...

It's summer, you can tell... Everybody in the city is wearing shorts and bikini tops. Except for the guys, who rarely wear bikini tops ;o) To celebrate the summer, and having completed exams, Jimbo and I played Frisbee in the street - I almost ran into a lamp-post, and we almost hit a load of pedestrians, but we're both good enough that we didn't once hit anything :o)

Can't wait for next year, when I play Frisbee properly :o)

Heh, on the 6 O'Clock news, the American correspondent said (of the USA) "Or Soccer, as they rather irritatingly call it" - I love when people give opinions, there's no news without bias, so I find it better if the bias is obvious, and amusing... :o)

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So the US is worried about Iraq, you know, killing them. So their solution? Kill their leader. That won't piss them off, or make extremists want to kill US citizens.......

well, i dunno. Iraq had a pretty strong opposition after the Gulf War - iirc the CIA were funding them then, but abandoned them when the Republicans lost control of the White House in 1992.

Plus there's, y'know, all those Iraqi people Saddam repeatedly gassed over the past 15 years ;)

There are still enough hardline militants who would see it as the US interfering with the running of an arab country... That's never a good thing. Let's not forget it was the US's conduct during the Gulf War that got Osama pissed at the country....

well, true, but its not like we've seen a massive upscale in violence since they bombed the crap out of Afghanistan, and its been, what, 9 months now?

at least, if there has been we've not been told about it ;-)

We've been told all about an increase in global terrorism. It just hasn't materialised. Which is why the US is now taking the "Let's get them first" approach - because if they wait for somebody to attack them, they'll be waiting a long time, and the 30-second-attention-span public might forget about the Afghanistan thing and not vote for Bush in the next elections....

heh. well, he is now half way through his term. as someone said on the West Wing, "the first term is all about getting re-elected".

but i dunno.. i don't think offing Saddam would too much worse than things are now. he's not well liked in the Arab world. now, if they offed the Saudi's, maybe ;)

if they want saddam hussein killed theyre going to have fun trying - not even the iraqi citizens know where he is. iraq is not interested in america - i dont think iraq has the weaponry to do anything even if they wanted to. is killing saddam supposed to help the people? its a funny tactic if that is the case. the US is trying to increase tension in an already incensed Middle East and im sure they have some horrible agenda. bush's lapdog at number 10 isnt much help neither.x

with all this talk of polotics and forgien policy, we must remeber who put Saddam into power, it was the U.S. I think we trained him too. and my opinion if the choice was up to me, choosing between the man who wears his daddys pants, and the man who thinks he may have invented pants, i woulda picked the inventor. (stolen from a snicker comercial BTW)

let the thoughts flow

the US were not responsible for putting him into power - he killed the opposition and got into power that way.

i'm sorry for arguing a good argument before it starts, discused this in class for 3 months, and do not wish to any more just to leave you with the statment that the U.S. puts in and supports bad regimes in other countries to help our selves...look into it...why do you think we keep suporting israel?

i dont understand what youre saying, im sorry.xx would u clarify?

didn't realize my mistake earlieri ment to say end it before it was started...if its anything beyond that clarify. lataz

its debateable.. offing Saddam may stop the vast amount of Government money being squandered on him, the military and all his mates, and stop him gassing his own civillians.

or it may just catapult someone even worse into power.

The people that run our country are jackasses :o\

thanks for the reminder.. i realized it earlier when i was out because it was like 100 something outside.. but then i get back inside and forget all over again..

i think i should make something of this summer...

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