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Heh... Newsgroups are such fun... I feel this needs reposting, because it is quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever read...
It occurs to me that some sort of recap is in order, for those reading
in can't-be-arsed-to-look-at-the-thread-o-vision.

* Matthew Hyde (ASVS) asks anti-Semite Wes Hutchings (AFS) to suck his
big black cock. Wes is an old hand at this game, having appeared on NANAU
on no less than 71 occassions.

* C'Pi (AFS) jumps on the big black cock and accuses Matt of being
racist on the grounds of stereotyping black men. Oh yes, and probably
a Nazi, too. Godwin's law not invoked.

* With all this cock flying around, how could I help but join in and
accuse C'Pi of being a homophobe?

* C'Pi admits that he finds "suck this big cock" inoffensive, even
though through his own logic it is demeaning to homosexuals by implying
there is something wrong with doing so. He attempts to cover his arse by
claiming that "sucking cock doesn't make you homosexual."

* I re-expose C'Pi's arse and give him a good fucking with a hefty

* C'Pi, now dazed and confused, misses the irony and reveals that he is
in fact in a gay marriage to a transvestite. With all this talk of meat
taking its subliminal toll, he accuses me of working in Burger King (tm).

* C'Pi fights a rearguard action and I run out of innuendo.
That quote was brought to you in association with my Adjective Army and, to a far lesser extent, dmz...

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I love The Onion. :D

I'm stunned with the lack of feedback my wit aquires.

Don't worry - I still think it's perhaps the funniest thing I've ever read on Usenet :o)

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