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The sky it was gold, it was rose, I was taking sips of it through my nose
C = 10W
W = 3L
C = 30L
L = 50M
C = 1500M
M = H * 60
C = 25H

P = 30M
T = 140M

140M = 25H

30 = 5.6H

Thus, I prove that if a course takes 25 hours of lectures to complete, then it takes five and a half hours in order to do enough to pass. If only this course was as easy as the maths above, I'd be fine. But as it is, I seem to be in the shit.

I'd have started revising sooner, but I've just had four AI exams on consecutive days - if I'd started revising a month ago, I'd have still concentrated so much more on the AI....

Bottom line - I cannot possibly pass this paper.

Death would be a fucking relief, I'm telling you.....

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Aww, I'm sorry Jamie! I guess all I can say is that things will turn out alright in the long run. Just remember that it will be over soon and you will have a chance to rectify things.
Hang in there!

Stop posting. Revise your ass off. You should have done art.
:o) And I still love you.

Heh, art... How gay.... ;o)

Glad somebody does - will you be my examiner please? :o)

I can give you some relief, Jamie. ::wink::

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