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Phase Two in feeling better is to have a nice long shower and a shave... I always feel better when my face isn't fuzzy, and when my hair is clean and nice and pretty :o)

My Prolog text book finally made itself useful, and as of this moment, I don't need it ever again (assuming I pass this exam). Anybody want to buy a really good Prolog text, hardly ever used and stuff? It goes into quite a lot of depth...

Anyhow, looking good, feeling good, time for my exam... And then off to bother Shanu, but not for too long, because I have to revise maths for tomorrow... There's a light at the end of the tunnel now......

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so you're good then? finished my exams on wednesday but still coming to college surely something wrong? I'll c u when yuo aer home, Becca x

There's a light at the end of the tunnel now......

Because you're almost done with your exams? Why yes I think so... good luck ^_^...

You're almost there - keep going!

Pondering anything interesting when that photo was taken?

Jamie, you're ALWAYS looking good ;)

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