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Right, 'tis almost 9am, exam in just over half an hour... I must admit to being not entirely looking forward to this - it's going to be ninety minutes of confusion and angst as I desperately try to complete some questions.

In case I didn't previously mention, the exam is a "Pick Two of Three Questions" paper, where the third question is always a "Write one of these three essays" style one. That means I either do two short-answer questions, where I am likely to require specific knowledge and definitions that I do not know, or a short answer question and an essay that I can probably bluff.

Should I fail, it'll be my own fault entirely. Should I pass, it will be further proof that the education system is screwed, because I haven't been to a single lecture on this subject. We shall see.....

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B.S. B.S.!!!!
Mostly, with BSing, you can talk AROUND the subject with big words and symbolism, and it's easier to pass.

What subject is it anyway? Good luck, I'll bet you can bluff it and pass, but then again, I really don't know how the education system in the U.K. is doing...

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