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I can't stop listening to this song... It's six minutes of pure genius... It's just a combination of so many musical styles that I love...

Oh, and the assignment I wrote for my cousin Matt scored 92%... The teacher's comments ran thus:
Interesting. I liked the sections and your explanations. The anthology however seemed to reflect your apathy for the assignment.
I wrote half, he wrote half. I wonder which of the two of us cared less - it was probably a close call.... :o)

Anyway, back to work - can't write a long post yet, must work first.....

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I love *all* dreamtheater. Get it kids. Don't comment on the bloody quiz. Get some decent music. You all have broadband. Come on.

I'm listening to it again.... :o)

There's hints of 80s metal ballads, irish music, pop/rock, everything in it. It's great :o)

mmm, dream theater... their fans seem to have crawled out of the woodwork the past year. no wait... it's because no-one in essex has a fucking clue, right? :)

they're cool, and probably the best technical musicians in rock music, but i don't listen to 'em much 'cause it's like... stadium rock combined with musical wankery, two things i'm not really a big fan of. impressive though.

i'm off to make dinner, yay.

I may pop around tomorrow :o)

neato. be sure to drop me a text or phone me or some such before you arrive, because i may well be in the library and i sometimes don't notice my phone going off then. :)

i'll take the cd's with me, in fact. ;D

Actually, have to put that on hold right now - I have to go to the bank, then I have to do some revision for the exam I have the next day. If all goes well, I may be free that evening, and if so, I'll let you know. Probably best if I do revision before socialising, and while I could easily grab the CDs off you and leave, I'd much prefer to spend some leisurely time with you (if you don't mind), so I'd best get some revision done first.... :o)

sounds fair! and yeah, i'd prefer if we could actually hang out for a bit rather than just doing some sort of lame round trip to pick up cds, yada yada. :)

hopefully my revision will get itself done alright, too... ::sighs::

sounds fun. i'm downloading that song now...

Heh, let me know what you think :o)

i liked it! very very nice, and i started listening to it at an appropriate time too. i think

I love Dream Theater. I was first introduced to them months ago by my friend thegreatpablo, who played the DVD of Scenes From a Memory for me.

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