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England 1 - 0 Argentina

The goal came from David Beckham, with the penalty he should have been there to take in '98... He has now truly redeemed himself.

I'm so happy :o)

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Um, Congrats to England?

(Deleted comment)
Nigeria, but close enough. And we will :o)

Plus, we can stop Germany. We are England. 5-1.

2nd half was so close, but yayayaya!!!

argentina sucked ass and england played like they were norway.

I'm so happy :o)

I'm so indifferent......


I am indifferent to your indifference :o)

hey man iam from DJ do you have an account there do tell me

Yes, same username... But since Dead Journal isn't especially good, I don't use it...

I wanted England to lose out of sheer bloody minded-ness :oP

It troubles me that you wish unhappiness on so many people.

I'm a sadist, sue me.

My lawyer will be in touch


I love him.. im from america though.. so soccer isnt that big over here... but i love him.. and im happy england won!! we really needed that.......~Kat

(Deleted comment)
I never doubted England would loose for 1 minute *cough*
Our boys did us proud x

Surely you mean never doubted we'd win..... :o)

Yeah thats the one! not been a good day for me, looks like things are getting worst!

Heh, was just kidding :o)


So where is the USA in this whole situation? I never watch the soccer games because they are so boring, unless you're playing.

Well, if you think so.......

As for the USA - they're on three points, having won 3-2 against Portugal. They're looking pretty good for getting to the next stage.

The upset over portugal symbolizes the arrival of the US in the international soccer community. I think we have a good chance to make it past the second round... mcbride and obrian are unstoppable. now if they can keep from any more own goals we will be money.


So where is the USA in this whole situation? I never watch the soccer games because they are so boring, unless you're playing.

Re: Hmm


Re: Hmm

The USA pulled a MAJOR upset of Portugal 3-2 and plays Korea Monday. Although they are total underdogs, they are doing much better than expected! They've scored more goals than England.

And, amusingly, everybody has scored more (or the same number of) goals than/as France (who have yet to score)... Some World Champions they are....

England needs to score!

Although, I am thrilled with England's win over Argentina, I'm very concerned about their lack of goal production. Is anyone else out there concerned?

Re: England needs to score!

Michael Owen came close, as did Sherringham and Scholes. On a different day, it'd be fine... I'm not too worried.

Yea_ David's got skills! Is he your favorite player?

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