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I love David Beckham!

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(Deleted comment)
Batistuta was responsible for so much foul play that it's a shock he only got one yellow card... They just generally played in typical Argentina style, with a load of nasty tackles...

*is scottish*
says it all, really.. ;)

*Totally lost* Who's David Beckham anyway?

Hes the stud of English football, hes yummy

Oh, thanks... too much info, but thanks ^_^...

A footballer. Yes, that's right, all he is is a footballer. Yet he gets absolutely worshipped by the whole country. Even after we have lost, and everyone finally wakes up and realises that there is no way we are going to win the World Cup.

Sorry.. expect mini rants like this from me until we are out of the world cup.
It pisses me off..

*awaits the flaming* lol

Mel xx

Lol, no flaming, it's actually more amusing...

well, not from you, but from the mass of England fans who are gonna try and kick my ass for saying that :)

Hahaha, better start running then...

Nah, I'm used to it :) Its okay..

Oh, shush - try being happy for the country... :oP

No :P

Its fucking annoying.. this happens every year. The whole country talks about nothing but football for weeks (until we lose), as if the whole world should stop for it.

...and people think the country goes Big Brother mad!

Jeez... And entire country is rejoicing, and you just moan about it.... How nice of you...

Its good we won. But it gets a bit old..

Didn't you guys JUST win though?

Sorry, not trying to have a go... Just sounds that way :o)


I know, its okay :)


no way we are going to win the World Cup

We just totally out-played the favourites, and the current champions are practically out. That's enough to give us a lot of hope...

I wouldn't hold your breath ;)

Typical American..... Learn what real football is, you damned yank ;o)

Hahaha, I can't be one, just a reminder here, I'm Asian American, hehehe...

Than you should know what football is :o)

Hahahaha, I never said I didn't know, you assumed :þ

If you don't know David Beckham, you don't know football - it's simple enough :o)

Well, I think I've heard the name before, but, meh, just ignored it....

>>I love David Beckham!

Hmm... you love him... and also you love david too...

What's related... oh yes the "David" name! ;)

You have been misinformed. I do not love David. He sucks :o)

Careful, David might get upset if he reads this. :)

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