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I'm thinking of replacing the image in the top left with this:

Constructive comments, anybody? (if that's even possible on this)

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constructive? err wassat?

actually i really like it, though to add some consistancy i personally would probably do a couple of [filter > noise > add noise > uniform; monochrome] filters to the background photo, and possibly do something about the text in the top right. it looks kind of odd being all embossed and glowy against the quite dirtyish background.

but it's really good, and i love the "this is my..." stuff on the right hand side.

Heh, done (well, on the one on my hard disk anyway)... I was half tempted to use your image :o)

Well to be perfectly honest the new one does not do you any favours really imho! I would stick with the existing!

Hmm, that actually is constructive - thanks :o)

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< constructive comment >


< / constructive comment >

Thanks. Go play on a roundabout ;o)

Personally I like the new one better, could just be the black and white though... ;)

Yeah, I prefer the black and white....

My friend Kim and I love you!
We think ur hott and we want you to be our UK penpal...
check out our LJ at Short_cake and Kizym...

I have no idea who you are, just as you have no idea who I am...however all I have to say is WOW! You are incredibly gorgeous and I just thought I would let you know that. I stumbled on your journal because I took your age quiz. Fairly inaccurate by the way but hey whatever. So yes, youre absolutely drop dead sexy and I thought I should let you know! -Emily

As a little of my own constructive criticism, I do personally like the black and white one better...

uhm....yeah whichever...that was about as constructive as fucked-up broken lego and white's good.

personal preference...i'd say the new one.

not that you value my opinion cos i don't know you and you don't know me. i've added you to my friends list though, you know for some interest in my mundane little life.

i think we have mutual friends.....but we won't go into that...

hmmm....bored now.

Oh, I vaguely know you. At least I know of you, and I did see you once in Manchester... David pointed you out and said "I think that's Sophie and Katie from the party I was at the other night" or something. I wanted to come say Hi, but he had to buy a bus ticket or something... Just thought I'd freak you out ;o)

And if you refer to Ste - it wasn't my fault. It was all his doing ;o)

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WOW, i love that. although i wouldnt have put that glowy font in the top right, apart from that you should use it

Right, glowy bit, gone forever. I'll stick it on my journal later at some point... :o)

Just found your journal form your age quiz very fun by the way. I like your original picture. But this one had potential I just dont like the faded writing look. Nice journal though.

and you took the glare out. those are extra +s.

can you get rid of that writing at the bottom left? i dont know what it says but i think its annoying.

other than that, pretty nice.

Re: you turned your face

Thanks :o)

And I kinda like the writing in the bottom left - it's a Catatonia quote, and says "I'm leading the apathy revolution"

the black and white one is definately better color wise but im not sure i like the faded out writing to the right of the pictures. the writing at the bottom left is ok though. bye

I like all the writing - the stuff in the bottom left doesn't really obscure anything so it's fine, and the writing on the right hand side is broken up and disjointed enough that it's kinda arty, in my opinion...

all u need is

i think theyre both shit

Thanks for your time. You are excused.

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It's the poor man's Ethan Hawke!!

(Stick with the current pic.)


I like this picture so much...U are really attractive.

I respond with the insult that cannot be beaten!!

Your mum

If you are getting this much attention from your pictures I would choose neither of them to eliminate random people making random comments on how you look. Doesn't that get really irritating after awhile?

It does, but I'm an eternal attention seeker, so I don't mind too much :o)

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i'm going to add you to my friends list. you interesting and creative. umm, i like the black and white picture. don't let all that work go to waste. as for the little girls, they just like swooning over pretty faces. no harm in that.

Heh, exactly - let them have their idol worship, and don't let them have the pictures of how I look when I first wake up ;o)

the age quiz...

that's how i got here, and now that i am, i wanted to ask...exactly how painful is it to get your brow pierced? because i've been wanting to get mine done (even if my mom disagrees) (my birthday is next tuesday and i'll be 18, so yay) let's say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most painful...what was it? hehe (i don't have a high tolerance when puncturing my tissue)...oh yes, and i'd go with the b&w : ) although i'm not a LJ user, i have a diary @ my user name is ephemeral.silence, i'd love feedback if you'd ever want to stop by and read some of my stuff...i'll probably be leaving more notes....nice LJ
ps-My name is Elizabeth : )

Re: the age quiz...

On a scale of One to Ten, Ten being the most painful, getting my eyebrow pierced was probably about Three....



the faded writing on the right is the best part.

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