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Bollocks, Danny Mills needs his head slapping...


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but Danny Mills has had a game worthy of applause, the goal wasn't his fault, it was just bad luck.
he fucked up, then cleared it... not his fault someone was there. Sorry but i think Danny was playing great

He played great, but he shouldn't have made a mistake like that, and it didn't surprise me when they capitalised on that...

i'm no football fanatic, but i could see clearly that England were lucky to draw. Second half was sheer bollocks.
Though of course, Campbell rocked, since he is the best player in existence.

While I might agree that his name is clearly excellent, his playing is merely "fairly good"... ;o)

(although before he moved to Arsenal, he was shite, obviously ;o)

yeah.. did you see some of the games today? (Brazil or Italy?)

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