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Fucking Hell... How stupid is this country going to get?

An e-mail I'm shortly due to send, regarding this:

Along with the accompanying story on the six o'clock news.

Subject: "No such thing as 'free' time?"

Professor Walker,

Having just seen a story regarding your research on the BBC's Six O'Clock News, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. All in the interests of enlightening a second year mathematics undergraduate who is at a loss to see how your report could have even made local news, let alone the national broadcast.

As I understand it, the formula on the news was that one's value equals Wages x (100 - Tax / 100) / Cost of Living. But hang on, tax is given as a percentage (treated as a real between 0 and 1) - however, given that it's probably the news making the error here, I shall give your work the benefit of the doubt and assume that tax is a being taken to be a real number between 0 and 100. Well in that case, isn't (100 - Tax / 100) equal to the percentage of your wages that you keep? Why, yes it is. Let's simplify our equation then:

Value = Wages After Tax / Cost of Living

Quite why they couldn't say that on the news is beyond me, unless they didn't want the public to see quite how obvious a conclusion it is. So we have that our value is equal to a ratio between how much we earn and how much we spend on living - how utterly revolutionary!! At this point my understanding of the news item became slightly sketchy, because I was too busy laughing at the sheer simplicity of this "first of its kind" research. I trust that over the last six months (with funding from Barclaycard no less), you have reached slightly more useful, applicable, and above all original conclusions than that above, so I was wondering if you would be able to refer me to a copy of your study in order that my faith in economics research might be restored.

I apologise if this is construed as a personal attack - it's not intended to be. I was just angered by several minutes of a news report being devoted to what is, in all fairness, an obvious relationship. I look forward to being given the chance to read a genuine and worthwhile study, as an alternative to watching one of the least groundbreaking or interesting news reports on TV.

Thanks in advance,
Jamie Webley

Any suggestions anybody? :o)

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STEAL THE GUY'S IDEA. Find blatently obvious statement and shift formula to make it look complicated.
Then send to newspapers. Easy money.

mmmmmmm editors with key-one maths skills..... I luuuuurveee eeeettt.....

I intend to. I have come up with a remarkable way to predict the outcome of a dice roll, given a series of conditions and variables. And it's accurate one time out of six, which isn't at all bad...

Plus, you can apply a similar logic to a coin toss - in fact, you can even predict one in two coin tosses. The equation involves a lot of complex numbers and advanced group theory, but the results speak for themselves.

:: laughs and decides Jamie should become a professional letter writer ::

If only somebody were actually willing to employ me as such :o)

I think you should send it to whom ever. You proved your theory/statment...and made his sound dull as hell! You've got a lot of intelligence.... and I'm sure someone would take that letter into consideration

Re: love the letter!

I did send it, just waiting on a reply...

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