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Now I go to bed, but, for anybody who wanted to know what I actually look like when I sleep, I guess now is as good a time as any to test my webcam software. So here, this is me sleeping:

The image is, in theory, updated every 30 seconds. You poor sods :o)

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Nice webcam. Very good colour, great lighting and such a clear picture!

I guess I haven't paid much attention to webcams since even the expensive ones produced really horrible images.

It takes a lot of playing around with it to make it work right... I have to position the lights in my room a certain way, and set up a load of settings, but at the end of the day, I like the final result, so.. :o)

if you sleep on your side you wont look, dead!


sweet dreams!

EEEEEEEKKKK! You evil man!

/me screams for an lj-cut quite loudly! :0)

No chance, you'll just have to deal with it :oP

Arrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!! ;0)

I never use LJ-Cut tags except for long surveys... :o)

Gah I'm forced to be blinded by the sun of your pale flesh (yeah ok so I just got back from my hols)! ;0)

get out of bed ya lazy shit :p

Well I have now.... :o)

I love the way you show the vaguely tidy bed.

Missing out the entire room - which is a complete tip ;)


Well the bed was where I was. If I was sleeping on the floor, it would've pointed at that... :o)

(of course, if I was sleeping on the floor, I'd have to do a LOT of tidying first ;o)

When are you going to make up the bed?

It's made - it's just that the webcam is paused, that's all...

In order to demonstrate, I've unpaused it... but only for a moment... I'm not wearing nearly enough to have it on constantly right now :o)

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