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As far as I know, I've never spoken to this person before...

Nikki010384: who are you?
TheUnknownJames: It is I, The Unknown James!
Nikki010384: uumm ok
TheUnknownJames: Can you not tell?
Nikki010384: i just dont know who u is
TheUnknownJames: You've forgotten me already?!
TheUnknownJames: I feel hurt!
Nikki010384: u know who i am?
Nikki010384: didnt think so..
TheUnknownJames: Of course I do
Nikki010384: who am i?
TheUnknownJames: Nikki010384 of course!
Nikki010384: duh
TheUnknownJames: You have spoken to me on many occasions
Nikki010384: about wat?
TheUnknownJames: Many varied topics
Nikki010384: like...
TheUnknownJames: We used to converse on the great mysteries of life
Nikki010384: uumm ok
TheUnknownJames: We had such a grand time discussing metaphysical conundra
TheUnknownJames: I am saddened that you do not recall me
Nikki010384: if u say so
Nikki010384: sorry
Nikki010384: must not have talked recently
TheUnknownJames: Yes, your absence has been felt greatly
Nikki010384: im sure
Nikki010384: w/e u scare me
TheUnknownJames: I apologise, I didn't mean to scare such a trusted and close friend as yourself
Nikki010384: do we know each other in real life..?
TheUnknownJames: No, but I would love to meet with you someday, we seem to connect on so many levels
Nikki010384: uumm do u even have a pic?
TheUnknownJames: Of course I do
TheUnknownJames: You have many pictures of me
TheUnknownJames: You quite liked them
Nikki010384: i do?
TheUnknownJames: You said I reminded you of somebody you once knew
TheUnknownJames: It was sweet
Nikki010384: wat kind of pictures do i have of u?
TheUnknownJames: All sorts... Me frolicking in fields, playing with puppies, surrounded by loved ones...

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That's fricken hillarious.

Nothing to say, I've got a different job for the summer!!! Woohoo no bars this summer unless drinking. Episode II is good, enjoyed v much, c u Becca xxx

Some would slap your qwrists for that and say that you were very naughty. Personally i thin it's funny and hats off to you for the quick thinking! lol :p

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