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I want to write...
When I was on the train to London, one of the things that held my attention was this guy sitting across from me with a friend. They were talking about a book he was writing. No offence, I'm sure he was a nice guy, but the way he described it, it wasn't sounding good. He didn't seem to have a knack for story-telling, or delivery, and I just kept thinking to myself "If he can do it, I can".

Now I know that's really arrogant and stuff, but it's just how it was... I really felt like he wasn't doing anything that was beyond me. So I want to write my book now (or very soon), just because I want to get started on it. I don't necessarily want to publish it, or even release it to anybody, but I want to have written one. It's important to me that I have something like that done. Frankly though, I don't think a long work of fiction is within my abilities - I seem to lack something required for fiction. I'm not sure what, but something just eludes me, and I end up with shit.

So logically, I should concentrate on some work of non-fiction, or a middle ground of some description. To which end, I've decided to just sod it and write an autobiographical work. Not necessarily a narrative taking the reader through the technicalities of my life, because those are typically boring unless one has a special interest in my life (which few people would). There's a difference between events and experiences, however. An event is something that happens, whereas an experience is something that sticks with you and changes you somehow.

So a book relating those things that have happened in my life that really changed me, and (with more emphasis on) the way in which my outlook was changed. The book will have the working title "How to be me", although I aim to come up with something a little more compelling before I finish it (read: 20 years' time at this rate). I just feel like I've learned a lot of applicable lessons in life, by doing a lot of things I wish I hadn't. If I could somehow transfer those lessons to others without the need for them to go through what I did, that would be good. But mostly, I just want to write something. A personal work would be good.... And the more I play guitar, the more I tend to think that I suck at it, and that my future really lies in another direction. Perhaps writing is the thing for me (I mean, look at how much I've written in my journal in the last half hour alone)....

Anyway, enough babble for now, I think :o)

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I truly understand where you're coming from. I'm taking this Southern Women Playwrights class and while reading the stuff I'm thinking, "Jeez, I could write plays like this. I'm technically a 'southern woman' too."

I think the most important thing to have is the desire - the drive. I might not know you that well, but from what I can tell you shouldn't have any problems acheiving something once you go after it. I say: go for it. Write your book. I'll get in line to buy it. :)

Thanks for the Godly reply, by the way.

If I write a book, you'll not have to queue in the line for long ;o)

But I'll certainly give it a try...

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