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Hmm, WinAmp has decided to stop working. Fine, reboot time in a second. But first - tonight.

Well, I went shopping and bought a couple of large frozen pizzas, along with various ingredients for stuff. Came home, made pizza... 'twas lovely. Anyway, Mel was asleep, so it was like "Huh, nothing to do", and so Jimbo managed to persuade me to come to the pub with him, Claire and Harry. So this I did - went to Wetherspoons down by the sea-front. Obviously, since I have no money, I wasn't intending to spend much on alcohol, or go clubbing, so I just planned to stay for a couple of drinks then make an exit.

Well anyway, after talking to Vicky and Mice for ages, I then waited a lifetime trying to get served. The bitch of a barmaid kept shaking her head at me and serving the people either side of me, knowing full bloody well that I'd been stood there forever. Honestly, some people. Eventually, had a Blue WKD and a Vanilla Sidekick. Okay, bit girlie, I care not. Then Harry offered to go to the bar, so I gave her some money to get me another Sidekick. She came back with that, and Tequila. So me, Claire and Harry do Tequila. By this point, I was on my way to being a bit drunk (doesn't take much, I rarely drink these days so I have a crap tolerance). Went to the bar, got myself a blue+red aftershock, and that was it - I was drunk.

Or, at least, so I had hoped. Sadly, I wasn't quite far gone enough, or maybe I've changed - whatever it was, when they eventually convinced me to come clubbing with them too, I just didn't enjoy myself. The music was awful - it was all crap boring indie shit. I can remember a time when I used to love Indie night at the Escape, but those days are gone. It was, effectively, a load of boring rhythm guitar with boring vocals and a boring beat. I mean come on - two nights ago I was at Tool, and so going to a shit Indie night with shit music was a massive step down.

So yeah, maybe my musical tastes have changed, and flavourless rhythm-guitar-based songs from The Hives and The Strokes just won't cut it any more. The three highlights of my evening were Mint Royale - Don't Falter (not really indie), Michael Jackson - Beat It (just because it's fun), and Kim Wilde - Kids in America (she married a guy from my village you know). One summer-pop song and two eighties songs. It's obvious my musical tastes no longer lie anywhere near the sphere of Indie.

So after a while, I made my excuses and left, and came home. Had the other pizza, watched some mindless TV, spoke to Mel, not in that order. Anyhow, it's time for bed - am meeting Mel tomorrow at 3:30pm, and my brother at 5:45pm (I think - Ed, if you read this, let me know, otherwise I'll phone at some point). Should be good. Oh, and since others are doing their "List of Things I Love" whatnot, then I guess I'll have to do mine (in no particular order as such, although the first one is the most important):

Mel, The Ataris, my computer, Mars Drinks, Episode 2, David, Shanu, sugar, Everclear, my guitar, sex (sorry), Wo-Wo (don't ask), my LJ userpic (sorry), my green sweater, Pennsylvania, Brighton, databases, my memories, databases, writing, Erasure, the sea, money, happiness, Live, Blink, Lifehouse, my life

Speaking of Episode 2, I want people to bear this in mind when they watch it...

Just watch the movie and think to yourself "How well would this bit translate to a computer game?"

Trust me, George Lucas invented the Ewoks so he could sell toys, and invented half of Episode 2 so that he could sell video games - there are sequences that are typical of games, some of them are even video game clichés... I won't explain what it is, exactly, but just bear in mind when you watch it that a lot of events happen that way because the computer game of the movie would work better. It's annoying. But it doesn't spoil the movie for me, so.... :o)

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... flavourless rhythm-guitar-based songs from The Hives and The Strokes just won't cut it any more

For once I agree totally! :0)

Have you ever been to Freak/Vivid/Hollywoods? (pick yr favourite nomenclature)

A fine assortment of dirgy, homogenous metal :) I go so often, despite the fact that it is incredibly rare they ply more than one song in a night that I'd actually listen to at home...

I agree about indie clubs being like that often, but I still prefer it, mostly because there are few things more fun to dance to then Fell in Love with a Girl by the White Stripes, hehehe

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