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Oh, and I need people to work on my website. There are really three parts to it, and the positions are as follows (may be ammended later after I think a bit):

Design and Maintenance
Site Designer: Responsible for building a container into which to put the site. Would have to be simple, not image-intensive, easy to use... You get the idea. Would not be concerned with the actual presentation of the data though

Before Going Live
Data Entry Staff: People who'll go through and add entire CD collections to the database. When the site goes up, it would be nice for people to be able to add their own reviews of CDs they own - well rather than have them enter the information for those CDs, we'll have it already stored there.
Gig Reports: We also need people to put in gig reports for as many gigs over the past few years as we can. Set lists, reviews, details on the venues, that sort of thing...
Factual Information: We need people to add details of artists, venues, things like write-to addresses, that sort of thing

After Going Live
Reviewers: People to give official site reviews to CDs, songs, gigs, that sort of thing
Scouts: For want of a better word - the people who get new factual information about CD releases and whathaveyou and add it into the database
Moderators: When the site goes live, the public will be able to add their own reviews. We need some means of checking that the review is okay before we put it on the site

Anyhow, yeah, you get the idea.... But there's still lots of work that needs doing on the site before it goes live anyway, so I've got plenty of time :o)

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I do a bunch of reviews for, if you want any help with that :)

Ooh, wicked, that'd be good :o)

Whats the pay like? :0)

Lucrative, I hope.

Oh, wait, you mean what I pay you? Uh, yeah, don't bother even asking ;o)


I could help with uh.. adding cd collections... or something ::ponders::

something easy ::nods:: not require lots of brain power...

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