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I should get my printer working really... Jimbo just came in and asked if he could print off an essay, and I had to tell him that it's not actually working. Oh shit, that's a thought, if I do go to my seminar later, I have to actually, you know, print off my work. Which means I have to get it working.


In other news, it's overcast today, which is a shame. I'd love to just go sit on the beach and ponder (as I seem to do rather infrequently these days), but alas, I can't. Well, I can, but my testicles will freeze and drop off. Not what I'm looking for from a thoughtful experience, really....

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Well, it might be enjoyable, but i certainly wouldn't indulge. Perhaps you could experience it then start a genre of music called enuch rock. That would be interesting! lol. Sorry, i am very bored!

new printers seem to be really cheap right now.

how about buying one? save you from fixing the older one.

since you mentioned the beach....ours is sunny and 72 today. not exactly summer weather but none of your would freeze.


Oh, it's not broken. I just need to download drivers for it. And I'm REALLY lazy :o)

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