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I decided that Ben Elton is a cocky sell-out rich little bastard, who pretends to be a socialist, but wouldn't know socialism if it ejaculated into his well-greased tory ass. Read more here.

Heh, and check this out too. White Rain rule :o)

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I don't like the term sell-out, but he *has* turned into a complacent, smug toss-piece. A musical about football? Co-written by Andrew Lloyd Webber? Oh, the insurrection...

Shame really, I heard one of his shows from the eighties recently, and he was fantastic.
And I have to admit, his book Popcorn was pretty good...

His books are still good, and the stage adaptation of Popcorn (which I saw) was also great. It's not so much the material I object to, as the principles (or newfound lack thereof) of the person delivering it.

Yeah, agreed. He has to a large extent taken on a lot of characteristics that he used to attack so venemously, particularly the cronyism.

And also, as good as he is still on occasion these days, it's not like all his stuff's good enough to justify it, really.

So yeah, you're pretty much dead-on regarding our friend Mr Elton, lol.


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