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Read Some BLX

Somebody kindly advertise the shit out of this stuff, because I really would like comments on it. The following code will help you, if you can't do it yourself:

<a href="">Read Some BLX</a>

As I said - I'd really like lots of comments. Detailed critiques would be great, but I appreciate that most people won't have the time or experience to necessarily give them. Still, I'd love to know what people think. You can skip past the first one if you like - it's a slightly lame take on a few current affairs things. The ones after are, in my opinion, better.

Oh, and if anybody knows of anywhere/anyone to whom I can submit these, that'd be great too...

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There, i added the link to my journal after i read it..

it's good stuff. very funny. :D

Am half way through reading them - very funny :)

let me join the community! it says i have to contact you first...

Okay, I'm not above a bit of nepotism, I'm not that principled... But remember, only original satire posts are allowed, nothing else :o)

I know, you can trust me you know :P often have prose of this nature - it might be worth getting in touch with them - especially with stories that take the piss out of the USA

The thing with sites like that is that they rarely (if ever) accept submissions. The Onion doesn't (I've looked into it before), nor does :o\

Start your own dude. That's the way to go. If you write good stuff, then the site will do well.

Also, your site motivates me to bring Alan Wooga back from the dead, so cheers ;)

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