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I just had the best weekend ever. Yes, I know I keep saying that lately, but they just keep getting better and better.


Mel is totally the best girlfriend I've ever had, bar none :o)

She makes me so happy :o)

Let's see... Got there on Friday evening, and we went to a pub with Shanu and Charly, as you do. That was cool - it's fun to hang out with Shanu, he rocks most totally. All went back to Mel's after that, and watched... um... something... I think... I fell asleep, as I recall. Anyhow, all went to bed before long.

Saturday... Took Shanu home (I know where you live - it's the right turn after the road to the shopping centre, where there's a central lane for turning - ph33r). He then came back to Mel's again, because he can't keep away from us. In the afternoon, we went to the cinema with Dan, Charly, Ian, Richard, and Mike... Saw "The One" - Martial Arts type movie starring Jet Li. It ruled, but was unintentionally funny rather often.

Anyhow, after the cinema, Dan came over, and he, Mel and Charly played guitars and stuff, which was cool. Enjoyed listening to that lots, although it continues to reinforce what I already know about how shite I am ;o)

Also watched Monsters Inc, which is a f'ing great movie, and I have to download it. It's just so cool :o)

Then on Sunday, we watched Wayne's World 2, and I came home. Which I hate. Coming home, that is. Not because there's anything wrong with home, as such - but I just hate leaving Mel. Still, I'll see her on Saturday - yay! :o)

Am very happy :o)

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The one

We rented that last night andwatched it, it was totally kewl, well, gotta go, good luck with Mel. :o)


Re: The one

Much of this is suspiciously similar, or has weird ties to stuff me and mel did.



Me and Jamie are nothing like me and you.
Suspiciously similar? Ties? What are you talking about? Because we went to the cinema?!

Personally I find it slightly worrying you are still reading his livejournal.

Re: The one

Oh stupid mel. How naive you obviously think I am.

I'm not like jamie, I didn't say that. But much of what jamie described has links with what we did, like Monsters Inc and Wayne's World 2, odd coincidences.

Perhaps it's because we're doing things that Mel likes..?

Oh, we did stuff you and Mel didn't, as well, don't you worry....

Was so funny... especially with the whole music thing as well. Like when they started the attack near the beginning... Down With The Sickness (by Disturbed) started playing. Cracked me up!

Anyway.. thanks!



Heh, I loved the bit at the end, where everything suddenly goes just a bit surreal, and Last Resort starts playing... :o)

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