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New Hair

I want to bleach it again, I think.....

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you remind me of someone.


Who? :o)

i'm not sure right now.... ::thinks::

got it.
buckley. that's who. from that angle

That's not me.....

i know that's not you.
but that who those pictures remind me of.


Heh, you funny girl :o)

You remind me of someone too! Who I do not know?!

I think you should let it grow then bleach it. Looks good the way it is in your icon

Gah! Get off my damn hair, you hair theif.

'cept mine's prolly a little shorter

and better

Oooooh yer sexy beast;)

No wonder Gaz likes to grope ya...:p

Ugh, the bastard... Can't you stick him on a leash or something?

Heheh, a leashed Gaz. That'd be a first...

I just aint diggin' it hun

As for the bleach...

I'll leave that up to you. It's your head.

Good wow or bad wow?

Good wow. :)

Oh... Good :o)

meh, didn't get chance to get mine cut today :o/

I liked the bleach.....

But, this is nice too. :)

bye now!


you really remind me of someone there as well.. I don't know who.

How could people not notice you had it cut? *lol*

I think it looks good though - probably prefer bleached hair though, just cos its so cool :)

grrrrrr, wake up! then i can phone you! :P

I like it. Bleached or not.

You also remind me of someone.


i liked it better before..

your hair rocks would look cool bleached

you are VERY cute.

bleach looks good on you; you have the right coloring for it. and i think you are reminding us all of some model we might have seen at one time or another with your high cheekbones....


Well I used to be a model for Armani, but I can't find the picture that proves it right now ;o)

(Deleted comment)
*wonders why you're even bothering*

what did it say? what did it say? what did it say?


It said (Deleted Post), can't you see? ;o)

begging for forgiveness......

Gee..u read it??
i didn't post that comment....I SWEAR!!!
One of my friends was using my computer and he just thought it'll be fun to piss someone off while using my name...
that's why i delete it right after i saw it....i thought u wouldn't have read it then...
i'm terribly sorry....
but whatever it says(i kinda forget now),i'm sure it's not true...=)

Re: begging for forgiveness......

I see.....

Re: begging for forgiveness......


hey, i've not been able to see your posts over the last few weeks because of no internet connection so i missed this post. just wanna say cool pictures, you look really good!

They don't - I nuked my hair with bleach last night because I hate it when it's dark ;o)

"They don't", "I don't", it's all the same to me....

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