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Give it up already...
Yeesh, Bush is such an asshole...
You need to know that even though the subject of today's talk is early childhood development, I am going to be relentless and tireless in our pursuit of justice and to make sure the homeland is secure. We fight for not only the security of our country, we fight for freedom. We love freedom in America, and we will defend freedom at all costs.
That's a quote from a speech he was giving on education. Just read this:

He's honestly trying to link every policy he makes into the whole anti-terrorism thing. It's sickening. The thing basically reads something like:

"We want to help the kids of America. Out of this evil that has hit our country, we can do some good, we can help the kids, we can make their lives better by educating them so that they grow up to be truly free individuals"

I mean please..... And Blair is no better - he's just flown out to the US to tell everybody how we should be killing Iraq right about now, and that we should really resolve the current conflict in the middle east so that we can go do that. It's all just fucked up.
Israeli forces continued bombarding refugee camps in Nablus and Jenin on Monday. Palestinian sources there described bodies lying in the streets and people bleeding to death because ambulances could not reach them.

Stupid world. I hate the human race, it sucks.

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buh. you're just jealous coz you don't get to be american. everybody hates us and tries to DESTROY AMERICAN FREEDOM because they're jealous. if this country were any cooler we'd have to spike our currency with defrosting tape. friggin commies, man, i tell ya.


Curses, I've been figured out... I knew my "I <heart> the USA" t-shirt was going to give me away sooner or later....


it's ok. deep down inside everyone else is an american trying to get out.

The future of our nation depends on our kids. The future of our kids depends on the security of our nation. The nation needs to be terrorist-free if we want our kids grow this country. That IS why Bush mentioned his anti-terrorist.

so easy to blame a country that is trying to stop the savages and yet Arabs who contribute nothing but death and destruction are inncoent huh?

1968 First major hijacking by Arab militants occurs on El Al flight from Rome to Tel Aviv, marking decades of hostage-takings, hijackings, and assassinations as a strategy by Arab militant groups.

1970: Murder of American University of Beirut President, Malcolm Kerr, in Beirut, Lebanon.

September 1970: TWA #741 and Pan Am #93 hijacked by the PFLP and flown to Amman, Jordan.

1972 Eight Arab commandos of Palestinian group Black September kill 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games.

March 1973: U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel & DCM George Moore murdered in Khartoum, Sudan.

June 1976: U.S. Ambassador, Francis Meloy and two other Americans killed in Lebanon.

1979-1980: U.S. Embassy in Iran seized, embassy officials held hostage for 14 months.

April 1983: U.S. Embassy in Beirut attacked by Hezbollah suicide bomber; 49 killed, 120 wounded.

1983 A truck bomb explodes in US Marines' barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 241 soldiers. US forces withdraw.

1993 World Trade Center in New York is bombed, killing six.

June 1984: TWA #847 to Athens hijacked to Beirut; U.S. Navy diver, Robert Stethem murdered.

September 1984: William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut, kidnaped, tortured and murdered.

September 1984: U.S. embassy annex in East Beirut bombed; 2 Americans killed.

October 1985: Achille Lauro hijacked; Leon Klinghoffer murdered.

September 1986: Pan Am #73 hijacked to Karachi, Pakistan; 17 people killed, 150 wounded.

February 1988: William Higgins kidnaped in Lebanon and murdered.

December 1988: Pan Am #103 bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland; 270 people killed.

March 1995: American employees of the U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan killed in response to arrest of World Trade Center bombing suspect.

November 1995: U.S. troops attacked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; five Americans killed.

1996 A truck bomb explodes outside a US military barracks in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 US airmen.

1997 Egyptian Islamic Group massacres 62 people, mostly foreign tourists, in Luxor, Egypt. The group claims it is retaliation for US imprisonment of Sheikh Omar Abdel al-Rahman, who is later convicted in 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

1998 Bombs explode outside US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people.

1999 Islamic militants, traced to bin Laden, are arrested for plot to bomb tourist sites during millennium celebrations.

2001 Hijackers crash two planes into World Trade Center in New York, one into Pentagon, and one in Pennsylvania. More than 3,000 people are dead or missing.

2002 Islamic militants capture and behead Daniel Pearl, an American Wall Street Journal Reporter.

Um, wrong. Bush mentions terrorism because he can use this to get support with everything he does. The blind patriotism (read: lunacy) in the US right now means that every time he talks about making America more free, and fighting terrorism, he gets applause. That's why he's doing it - he could say "We're raising taxes by 600% in order to fight the evil in this world and make America a truly free country", and the public (read: morons) would cheer.

And my point isn't that the Palestinians are blameless, but that the Israelis are out of order. How many refugee camps do they have to shell before their actions become unjustifiable to you? How far do they have to go in their virtually genocidal activities before the world turns around and slaps them for their actions?

I fail to see how a suicide bomber is any worse than the indiscriminate shelling of refugee camps because the Israelis think that there might be weapons and fighters there. There probably are, but that gives them no right whatsoever to just shell them at random (as they have been doing).

A world without terrorism is, for all the sadness saying this gives me, never going to be the case. A world without terrorism is a world without freedom. That's simple fact - you can't wipe out terrorism, and the more people try, the more determined the terrorists are going to be. If only people would just listen.....

1776: american colonial "terrorists" begin a war against the British Crown.

terrorism is simply a scapegoat word. these people are fighting for what they believe in. ::shrug::

both sides are as bad as each other. Bush's "good or evil" crap is just that - crap. nothing is that black & white. history is, and always will be, written by the victors.


I agree on how much people suck. SOmetimes I think becoming a recluse is the answer. But then I wonder...what if they find me? Bugger eh?

So all in all, I agree. About Bush too. Could you BE any more wrong and/or stupid?

On second thought, I shouldn't give him any ideas.

"Stupid world. I hate the human race, it sucks."

lol, you make it sound like a revalation but I know for a fact you've been jaded for years ;-)

But the world is one big propoganda train. Must be seen to be doing the right thing, old boy.

Trouble is the world is run by humans, who are inherently egits. Now if the world was run by a sort of super computer.. why that would be the BEST!

I say give it back to the dolphins.....

didn't we eat all them or something already?

Oh I remember, we digitised them and put them in Eco :)

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