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Reporting from the field...
After playing the electronic engineer this morning with some wiring, and configuring the data logger, my assignment for the next two weeks is now this - file editing. Lots of documents need updating to reflect a change in the company, and that means I've got to open them all up and alter bits. Initially, I have 42 files, each of which requires a five minute edit. Coupled with the fact that the more I do, the more bored I get, and the more repetitive it becomes (thus the slower I can work at it), this is likely to take all day. Then tomorrow, it's the manuals. Then the next day, it's putting the manuals with the initial 42 files.... More or less invalidating everything I did at Christmas, but heck, at least that stuff was useful for the three months its been since then. Anyhow, back to work....

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Don't worry, I'll do my best to distract you :)

I dunno, my phone has been silent for quite a while now - perhaps you've gone away and forgotten all about me ;o)

I texted you as soon as I got in (I had to sort exam stuff out before then), but you haven't replied :P


It was Genie being stupid - I got that message and the next one at the same time, even though they report as having been sent half an hour apart. Grr, silly Genie. Still, it's free, and the amount I text you, that's a good thing :o)

Or maybe it was your messages being full?

I can't text you at band practise.. everyone will get pissed off at the noise the signal makes.. normally i could sneakily do it, but they'll hear.. hehe!

And don't complain about being bored.. £7.20 an hour is ridiculous :) Plus, you have the internet!

Nah, they weren't full - there was plenty of space, because I'd only just gone through saving them onto the computer at lunch :o)

Anyhow, don't worry about not being able to text at practice - at 5pm my day is over, and I get to go home, so I'll have things to occupy me (like catching the bus, or falling asleep on the bus, or sleeping through my stop and getting chucked off in another village ;o)

And I try not to use the Internet here too much - it doesn't do me any good to have everybody thinking that I'm lazy (despite the fact that I kinda am). Although I must admit, the £7.20/hr isn't bad - hopefully getting paid for the first two weeks on Thursday or Friday, which will be good :o)

"£7.20/hr isn't bad"


/me looks at his measly £4.50/hr

But I have to leave the house at 7:45am and don't get back until 5:45pm - it's horrible :o)

::puts on poker face::

I see your leaving the house at 7:45am and raise you a getting back at 6:10pm.

I will see your getting back at 6:10pm, and raise you an I only get 90 minutes for lunch.

I don't even get lunch. I just kinda eat while I'm working.

lol, luxury!

I see you getting only 90 minutes for lunch and raise (or lower?) you only having 60 minutes for lunch and having to work for Stuart Mincher.

I will see your 60 minute lunch, and raise you having to perform the same mindless tasks over and over and over and over....

So how come you can text him and yet mine always come back as having failed?

Because Genie owns my soul - it's the least they can do, the amount I pay them...

Damn Genie. I wanted to stalk you as well. :-(

I know I don't. I'll start now *nods*

I was referring more to my inability to stalk Jamie as opposed to stalking you.

What, I'm not enough for you? ;oP

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