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The current topic of #AdjArmy reads

DMZ> your thingy is in urgent need of attention
TMA> Ok it's definitely going up now
DMZ> Looks like TMA is trying backdoor entry on me
TMA> That was nice
TMA> A bit salty, mind
**TMA groans
TMA> You people make me suck

And, with the exception of one letter on one line, those are all direct quotes. Anyhow, I downloaded Friends Episode 817 earlier from IRC. I waited in a queue for about four hours, but then that file server bot died and I lost my place, which sucked. Then, from out of nowhere, another bot sent me the file. Hours previously, I was just testing it out, and accidentally told that bot to add me to its lengthy queue. Well, turns out, that worked out well for me. Downloaded it in just over 90 minutes, and it was good.

Anyhow, right now my IRC client is set up to accept requests for files from my brother - he's currently downloading the episode from me, but he'll have a timeout before it's complete, so in the morning, he can just come into our channel, type !friends, and lo, it'll start sending to him.

Just went to the shop, and bought more water. My money situation is dire, and yet I'm still drinking bottled water. I refuse to let go of my Upper Middle Class lifestyle without a fight. My parents helped me out with a £50 donation to the cause, but that was swallowed by a £40 monthly bill for my ADSL within a couple of days. I'm on my last £10, but I looted my room for change, and found another £10 or so in that. I am determined to last until I go home on what I have on me. If I can live homeless in Manhattan for a night, I can damned well survive on £20 over a week. However, it does mean that I had to pay for my £3 purchase with 5p pieces earlier. That was amusing :o)

Been practicing playing bass today, so that when I actually come to play it properly, I know a few songs to try out. I've only ever played bass guitar once, and that was when I tried one out in the Guitar and Amp Shop down the road. And it took a bit of getting used to the string width and spacings, and the fret spacings. Still, I have dedication if nothing else...

Also been looking at photos of Manorbier Castle. Remember Ed, when we used to go there? Ah, 'twas good fun. I still remember the first time I went, it was awe inspiring, seeing the place where they filmed the Cair Paravel and the White Witch's Castle scenes. The subsequent times I went, it had lost a little (but not much) of its charm. I miss Wales so much. But I'm resolved to go back there in July. After exams, I'm gonna take a week's holiday at the caravan, before I go to work. 'twill be nice to get away from everything for a bit.

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Remember Ed, when we used to go there?

Them wax models were scary...

Upper Middle Class

ooh get you!

Well we are, admit it :o)

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