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Subjecting Oneself to Public Torture
Go on, I dare you. Download my shite. I would never ordinarily do this, but I thought I might as well. Fear the poor mastering which puts the lead guitar too loud.

Suckers for Self Destruction - A Life Less Ordinary (1.39MB)
(generally recommended that you right click and select Save Target As)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go cry in a corner now.

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Aww your so cute i love the eye brow ring

very good..

and yay for more singing.. I thought you said "never again"? ;)

*adds to playlist*

I did, and I meant it to. Almost :o)

heh, it's not *shite* ... ;)
some really good parts in it. but hey, i think you got the chords from the first part wrong -- shouldn't the chords go something like 1x first chord, 1x second chord then 2x third chord, instead of 2x first, 1x second and 1x third?
i hope you understand what i mean.. :) i know how to call that rhythmic stuff in german, but i suck at english.. :)

For the intro, you mean? No, the intro chords are fine. The chords for the bridge, on the other hand, I did screw up, but let's pretend I didn't :o)


FS!!!!!!!!! ;0)

You're not having me :-P

I can't judge whether that is good or bad, not knowing you!

Ooh, give us a snog, darlin'


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