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My sheep broke. Before TMA says something about inflatables, I really mean rabbit anyway - the sheep reference was an in-joke with somebody who won't even read this. It came off the actual keyring when I was going to the cinema yesterday. I took it as an omen, but then, that's typical of me anyway, and it never comes to anything :o)

I found the utter slaying that I gave the rest of the Internet in the multiplayer demo of Renegade earlier to be very soothing - I am now calm and a little bit sleepy. I have my new theme song playing, I've had all I can eat for today, and I've had all I can take from humanity in general. Time to go render myself unconscious for another few hours :o)

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u r wicked hott..if thats ur real pic...

Yes, it's my real pic. Thanks :o)


So I come to your livejournal and I see the picture and I go 'wow'-- and the first comment I open?

You don't know how hard i'm laughing.

If you read back a bit, I seem to have been getting this a lot - people wrongfully accusing me of being hot. Most irritating ;o)

it's me, Manda:)

well I have talked to you for a long time thro e-mail (lol ) and your personality kicks ass too:)
your a hotty!!

Re: it's me, Manda:)

Heh, thanks, I'm glad you think so :o)

As for the hotty thing - take a number :o)

you're playing bad boy boogie!

Well of course I am. You told me to :o)

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