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In an unprecedented move, Jimbo has not only allowed me to just post pictures of him, but he's specifically requested it. Why, I cannot say. But anyway, here's Jimbo:

There we go. So yeah, that's him.

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dropped in on your journal, greatly amused. uhhh, and u can see mine now too! later

tell him he's too tall. ::nods:: :) hehehehe

no he be too short ::nods:: he needs stretching!

poking with sticks!!!! hehehehe


i highly 2nd the opinion that Jimbo is a cutie... definitly yes.... n he's British.. accent *swoons* us americans are deprived.... when we hear "british" accents they're the fake ones.. nothing like walking around in England just listening... yay :) love em...

end rant ;)

Hey, I'm British too you know........ :o)

I'll pass that on to him :o)

quite aware that you are in fact British.. *grin* i was merely making a blanket statement that i find british accents incredibly sexy n i love them.. not person specific ;)

thanks for passin' it on ;)

Woah, he looks so much like Fat Mike did back in the late eighties/early nineties....

Is this a good thing? I dunno if he'd appreciate it.... I wonder if Alex has had this pointed out to her :o)

No, Fat Mike wasn't fat back then, she's more like Fat Mike nowadays ;-)

BTW, having read your comment again I realise you probably weren't trying to insult Alex by saying she looks like Fat Mike, you were pointing out that she likes NOFX. Note to self: Wake up before checking emails.

God no - that was damned funny :o)

he has nice hair *touches*

You're welcome to come down here and stroke it yourself or something - I'm sure he won't mind :o)

hey jimmy is hot, does he have livejournal? if so, i wanna see!!!

No, he doesn't, although some day I might persuade him to get one. Right now it would be weird though :o)

nevertheless, he should im me, or you for that matter - princessbeegrrl ;)

That's a good thing, right? :o)

I don't remember hinm looking that? Was his hair shorter?

No, he's always looked like that. And his hair is pretty constant in length...

your british?

You are British??? you look like you are an american. Well, people think i am from Ireland because i have red hair even though i am from New York and have a New Yorken accent. Well, you have fun up there. Bye.

My clothes are from Gap, Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Outfitters... I can see why people would think I was American - I try to be :o)

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