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Gah... Just been looking up Me Without You online (as I do every few weeks) just in case, you know, there's a trailer available to download somewhere, or it says when it's coming out on DVD or whatever. Just found out that it's being released in LA and NY early June this year, and will be released in other cities a little later. At this rate, I'll have to wait about a year to actually own it on DVD. It's all rather irritating, since it's like my joint-favourite movie (I can't decide between this, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Moulin Rouge, Sweet November, and a few others). Bah.... Plus, it has Michelle Williams, with dark hair, doing a fake British accent. Talk about hot ;o)

(although, then again, she always looks hot. Cite:


Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, 'tis 11am, which means I have lectures in an hour and a half, which means I should really get ready or something...

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Sweet November!!?!?!?! As one of your favorite movies?! Jae, c'mon, honey, you just cannot be serious. The only way I'll take justification for that is if you're madly in love with charlize theron. If you like the movie just bast on it's own merits, i'll never be able to understand.


Re: Are you insane?!?!

I'm far more in love with Keanu than I could ever be with Charlize Theron. Anyhow, the reason is that (until the end) it very closely mirrors an experience in my life. And I watched the movie for the first time on the first day of that experience. It helped me appreciate it a lot more and stuff. And I just loved the movie, period :o)

I was scanning through ppl and I ran across you, hope you dont mind if I add you!

Not at all, so long as you don't mind me adding you back... :o)

That is perfectly fine =) I love to make new friends!

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