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Oh yeah...
Almost forgot - Rachel and Miri are coming down today to see me and Shanu. Should be good fun and stuff, although I'll have to see how I can work it around my lectures (since I'm determined to go today). Plus, I have to give Vicky and Laura their CDs, so I have to go onto campus at some point. And I have no idea what's being done tonight, I'll just have to wait and see I guess...

Done washing today - yay me. I did one very full load of stuff-that-won't-fuck-things-up, and one rather empty load of reds. I used to separate darks and lights, but these days I don't bother - the only thing I really make sure I don't put together are reds, and anything else. The reds are on right now, and the other things are hanging on every available surface in my room. The window is wide open for fresh air, and the sun is shining through it - today is certainly t-shirt weather :o)


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