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I want to be just like David...
My Idea Of Hell

*On the CD player: Gangsta Rap, or the latest bad pop moron
*On the radio: Southern FM, which is what my radio is tuned in to now...
*On the TV: I dunno... I can't think of bad TV shows, because I never watch them, so...
*On the VCR: It's to be assumed that I don't own any bad videos, so...
*Your spouse/partner: David
*Your dinner: Vegetables
*Your clothes: Women's clothing - I don't look good in it...
*Your hair: A mullet
*Your library: An empty library would be hell
*Your dwelling: Council flats
*Your neighborhood: Run down, full of brummies...
*Your job: Anything that requires effort
*Having a conversation with: Alex and Harry? ;o)

My Idea of Heaven

*On the CD player: The Ataris
*On the radio: Whatever mainstream rock I'm into at the minute
*On the TV: Soap Operas, Sport, Comedy
*On the VCR: Clerks
*Your spouse/partner: I don't know what I'm looking for right now, I just know that I'm looking
*Your dinner: The Ultimate Sandwich
*Your clothes: Black jeans, black socks, black shoes, my glow in the dark boxers which I love, black t-shirt, black shirt
*Your hair: Blonde, medium length, styled
*Your library: Lord of the Rings, some nice Sci Fi (Asimov stuff specifically), enough reference books to keep me informed, that sort of thing...
*Your dwelling: Anywhere I feel truly at home will suit me fine
*Your neighborhood: Where I am now - I have pubs, pizza places, hundreds of shops, all right by me
*Your job: Something without effort
*Having a conversation with: David, I guess

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I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE ASIMOV!!!! Im curretnly reading Foundation!!!

He's by far my favourite science fiction writer... I've read like every short story he ever wrote... :o)

bah! some council flats are ok!

::shrug:: our old one was shit but whocares lol

"Your dinner: The Ultimate Sandwich"

the ultimate sandwhich died in december 2001 when sainsbury's stopped selling it.

i'm still in mourning.

You clearly refer to a false Ultimate Sandwich. My totally cool double-decker cheese/bacon/marmite/peanut butter/pringles creation still lives :o)

*sobs for the loss of the lord of the sandwhich*

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