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Today has been empty, ish. Let's see... Woke up at about half nine this morning, which wasn't bad going - I've been getting early nights lately, so... Anyway, after a while of just sitting around, I decided to go shopping, but since I don't have any money, and already have all the food I need, I decided to just walk the mile or two to the other supermarket, the big one. Just in case there was anything good there that I couldn't get here. And there was. They sold....


Oh yes. Sweet, sweet root beer. I spent the rest of the day drinking root beer with my grilled cheese, being American for the day. It's all so yummy.... :o)

Ooh, and my Winamp looks pretty, thanks to Rachel's Legolas skins - available here. I love it :o)

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you went to sainsbury's?


Well, like, there are two Sainsbury's in Brighton - there's the one down the road from me, and then there's the big one about a mile and a half away. Three guesses as to which one I normally go to - only it doesn't have root beer. So I went to the big one, and there it was! :o)

Thanks for telling me that Sainsbury's do sell it - otherwise I'd never have looked there :o)

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