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I have just 10 minutes in which to write this update, before I have to go to a lecture. I hope I'm fast enough.

Anyhow, the not-drinking-alcohol thing has already ended. But in a good way - I had half a bottle of Reef, or whatever the stuff is. It's basically pineapple, grapefruit and orange mixed with a miniscule amount of vodka (thus it is 5%). That's the sort of drink I should be drinking (i.e. something you can sip, which isn't 40%). Hooray. Last night basically consisted of going to Falmer bar, where we managed to get served just the once (it was so crowded), before Mice and I decided to go back home again. Had a good chat, then communicated more with the Brighthelm people. No offence to them, but they're a bunch of pot-smoking fat lesbians. Seriously. These are actual facts. Anyway, they flashed us twice again, but I wasn't watching (thank God!), and stuff...

We currently have a bet on how long it'll take James and Vicky to end up in bed together. My money is on 12 days, Mice is thinking 10, Ebs is thinking 14. Just a bit of fun, you know. He got slightly pissed off when he found out, until he realised that it was a good thing. Whatever...

Mice, Alex, Ben (Alex's brother), Claire and myself then all went to the swings. That was fun (more fun than going to Brighthelm, anyway), until Tolis and Harry arrived. Harry was in a strop about us not telling her about making hash cake, and Tolis was just being... well... Tolis. If you'd seen Mice's face when she saw that he was coming to join us (and it wasn't a happy face), you'd have wanted to hit him there and then, just as I wanted to. However, I didn't - hooray. Later on, when she went to bed, he went to her room and spoke to her. Basically, rather than apologising, he just tried to justify everything he'd done - not really good enough. She then came to my room and explained it all to me, all about what the hell was going on in his head and stuff. She's still cross with him. Then she went to tell Alex, and I went to get a drink. The looks on everybody's faces when they saw us come through the door with her in her satin nightie looking slightly flushed (although there really was no reason for that) were priceless. Very amusing.

Tolis actually thought something was going on between her and me (well, we were playing poker in front of him, and every time one of us won, we'd tell the other that that was another item of clothing to come off when we got back to her room - just to wind the bugger up). Fun... Harry set him straight though - hmph.

Erm, there was other stuff I meant to say, but it's all escaped me. I have one thing that I have to tell somebody, but alas can't actually post on my journal. And since there's only one person I could actually tell, I may just e-mail him. Well, two people, but I can't tell David until after his visit - there are good reasons. Regardless, I'm off to meet Mice for our next lecture now, so I shall be going. Back later :o)

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Aye, it's nice

BUT, and this is an important but, it's a girls drink!

Ha ha, ggiiiiiirrrlllllll who can't take her alcohol
*points and laffs.... and stuff*


Sorry about that

The thing is, I want to be drinking girls drinks. My flatmates will respect me more for drinking something like that than they will if I go get really pissed again, and throw up again. It's a balance thing...

Aye, tiz a fair point..... I guess

I don't agree with you, on principal

DRINK THING = Wise idea.

MICE THING = Very amusing. And satin nightie, eh? Those are the best inventions EVER. EVER!


That is all.

hmmmm, mind is in a state of confusion as to why you can't say whatever it is now, well I have a few ideas but I'm not going to mention them in case I'm wrong and look like an arse.

oh and other news I've forgotten to mention; Mitch split up with Sarah and he and Grace are getting back togeather (and I didn't see this a mile off, oh no, well to be fair I was starting to doubt it, but well I was right again).
Loretta slept with Will Faulkner to Morgans crys of "poor guy needs to get taste", which is a bit unfair considering his previos obsession with her, but hell it amuses me :o)

so go on, whats on your mind, and why can't you tell me yet.... must be vaguly important...

This is better then East Enders*, I'm telling you!

* I've only ever seen one episode all the way through, and that was when Phil and Grant had that fight and Grant drove in the river.

I should hope so, Eastenders / soaps in general suck :o) Hell and thats just the condensed version, my friends and I could do a better soap just with webcams of our lives :o) Its all like this :o)

Yea, it's great fun up there, with your silly little lives... My life is also like a soap now, which is fun :o)

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