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A wise man once said...
Something along these lines:
I don't get dating... It seems so overly complicated. At school, you'd pick somebody you liked, and if they liked you, then you saw each other socially, and were affectionate, and did this with only that person. This was simple. Suddenly you're at university, and you have open relationships, exclusive relationships, then there's many "couplings" are not defined as being "relationships" because one or more participants don't want to get too involved. It's all about "where you stand", except when it's all about fun, but when it's all about fun, there's no substance and it's boring anyway. There's no formula, no plan, no map, and it's all just overly confusing. Nobody wants to find somebody to settle down with, everybody is scared of making the commitment not to sleep with other people all the time, and nobody at all seems to be having fun.
And it's true. I know this, because I was that wise man. But I said it somewhere else, a long time ago, so I felt I had to quote it, rather than just write it out again as if I was just thinking it up now....


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