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I wonder if I win a prize...
... for being the first person in our flat to spend much of the night with his head down the toilet. If not, I shall complain, I think.

So anyway, these are events as I experienced them... Mice and I went to Falmer bar to meet her new fancy man (or whatever she wants to call him). We had a couple of drinks there, mine consisting of a double something-like-brandy (but not quite like what I normally have), and a double archers (heck, it's been a while, so...). We then decided to stop waiting, so we went on to the Grapevine for more drinks there (since it's a nicer place). I proceeded to have a mere three more double brandies - a quantity of alcohol which I have coped with adequately many times before. I had eaten sufficiently yesterday, and I was drinking coke with it, so it shouldn't have got to me.

But it did. When we were walking back, I was apparently staggering severely. I have literally no recollection, so I wouldn't know. We got back into the flat, where Ebs and a couple of his friends were having a night in. I sat down for about 20 seconds, before suddenly having that characteristic flash of inspiration, and heading for the toilet before I did anything stupid. This was 9:30pm. By 10pm I had stopped throwing up, and by 12:30am I was able to leave the toilet and go to bed. All in all, this did not represent a good night. I have a few revelations to share about the experience, however.

Throwing up is good. That is to say, it's better than when you stop. At one point, I would have given anything to be able to chuck up more alcohol, but nothing came. It was all in my system. I saw this as being bad - if I could throw up, at least I could get rid of the stuff.

James is evil. At about 11:45 I tried to get up and get a drink. I staggered out of the upstairs toilet, walked out onto the thing with the refridgerators, and collapsed up there. I just sat for a while, generally just doing the whole breathing thing, as well as staying awake. James then starts talking about food, forcing me back into the toilet (although alas not to actually be sick, just to sit there wishing I could be).

All in all, I would say it was actually rather scary. I couldn't see, I couldn't walk, the room was spinning whether my eyes were open or closed, and generally it's all never been that bad before. On the up side, I actually woke up without a hangover at all - this was very good, since I was scared it'd be really bad. That would not have been nice.

Oh, and it showed who are nice considerate people, and who are gits. James is a git. Obviously. As far as I recall, Ebs, Harry and Mice all checked on me at some point. Tolis checked at least twice, which I thought was bloody decent of him, and Vicky checked several times, brought me a glass of water, offered to let me borrow her notes this morning so I didn't have to come to lectures, and was generally just really great. However, I still went to the lectures this morning - I positively refuse to let this crap beat me :o)

David called sometime last night, while my head was over the toilet. My response was basically "Look David, I don't think this is a good time. I'm in the process of being sick into my toilet. Did you have anything useful to say?" to which he replied "Just that I'm bored". My phone then proceeded to repeatedly die on me, so our conversation that night was somewhat fragmented. I called him at 12:30 from my bed, basically to say that I was going to get some sleep, and that I'm never ever drinking alcohol again (second time I've made that promise in as many weeks, so...).

OK, having completely worried my parents (or, rather, my mother - I expect my father finds it all strangely amusing :o), I must now talk on other subjects. Um... Well, erm... Programming is good. Went to the lecture this morning, learnt a lot, it's all good. I keep wanting to write normally in java syntax because it's so much easier. e.g. james.drink1 = brandy, james.drink2 = archers, james.sick()... Sad, I know... Oh well.

I think I'll go home now, and face yet more music. I've so far spoken to Tolis, Mice, Claire and James today - still another 7 people in the flat who will no doubt want to laugh at me. Hooray.

Anyhow, I'll be back later. I need fluid, and I need a lie down, and I need food. Then I'll be back to normal (because right now I still feel kinda off)... Later

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I used to look up to you ... :o)

I am still quite tall...

Ha ha ha. You are a comic genius. :o)

I like to think so... Sadly, like all geniuses, I am greatly misunderstood by all but a few :o(

It could have been worse, at least you made it to the toilet......

Exactly what I said... But would they listen? Would they f####NO CARRIER####

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