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I said I'd finish it...
Presenting, a total inability to code HTML (or: Anyone can make a website (except for me). Don't criticise the actual layout, that's going to change - it's presently just a container for the content, which in itself is really only a starting point for a larger site. It's easier to "Work on my website" than "Start my website from scratch and finish it". So I've made a half-hearted attempt at the latter, in order to do the former sometime. High points, if you think along those lines, include a topless picture of me on the pictures page (I figured: why not?), and links to many MP3s of my bad guitar playing. Fun :o)

But see, now I can work on building a nice layout for it to fit into, start coding the change-over from HTML to ASP (which will improve my ability to change the site around), have a choice of style sheets (an idea stolen straight from Jess), expand the content slowly, these sorts of things. Ideally, each separate page will soon be a subdirectory of the thing, containing multiple pages (several different "About Me" sections (I love vanity), several pictures pages, several different types of music page), and stuff like that. Ho hum :o)

(so yes, I couldn't sleep, although I might try to get a couple of hours (which is literally all it'd be) now...)

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You don't give yourself enough credit. I really liked it!

Now that you have a domain and a website, all you need is to keep your cam on reguarly and get a 'wishlist' and you can be a full fledged cam-boi. :-)

It kinda sucks - just a grid of tables of a big image, with a color-mismatched text box in the middle - hardly brilliant or anything. As for the content, you can tell I was bored stupid throughout :o)

I did have my webcam on constantly for a while, but I found that half the time I'm asleep, or at Uni, or downstairs, and the other half of the time, I'm hanging out in my room practically nekkid. None of those things is going on my public website, so... :o)

i think you have a lovely smile!! lol

Lies, I tell you! My smile sucks :o)

LOL!!!!! no no no i tell you!! its all liesss!!! you have got a gorgeeoussss smile!!

Hmm, you might think so, but I'm sure I know best - I'm the one who has to suffer my dopey grin in mirrors and such ;o)

But thanks all the same, it's nice to know that there are some people out there crazy enough to like it ;o)

HEHEHEH yes well ya got one thing right, i am crazyyyyyyy!!... so you're the second person on here that i have come across from the uk!!..

That explains it all then ;o)

Only the second? There really are many of us... :o)

Oh really James Webley!!.. now whats all this living with two ex girl friends!?!? i bet thats fun!!..

UK bods on here!

Nah I think you are the only two! :P

LOL.. well I have only been doing this, for like 2 weeks, one uk guy wanted my number and thats kind of um.. ended and well, the others are from america!!

Well we won't pester for your number but I'm not entirely sure you know what you are letting yourself in for commenting on the great Unknown! For he is our leader and he is a noble leader!



*on knees*

oh yes!!.. I commit.. I swear it!.. heheheheh

where in the UK are ya then!!

<<suffolk.. but dont tell anyone, someone had to live here lol

Well I'm in Chester!

You'd have to ask the "others" as to their whereabouts ... I couldn't divulge the location of our great and noble leader!

Only because I don't know! :-)

Chester.. home of Hollyoaks hmmmmmmmm

well, the leader, is always in a secret hiding place so we may never know!

Yes indeed the home of Hollyoaks ... which is of course not a true reflection of life in Chester! I mean ... if you believed Hollyoaks you would think we are a city full of southerners!


If we keep posting we may sp4mm0r j43m5 email!

Yeah, but my PC is turned on, and online, back at the house. So it's downloading all the e-mail. All I have to do is mark all as read when I get home, which is hardly difficult. Sorry ;o)

For any normal person admittedly this would be easy! But we are talking about a Jaems here!

lol still, the very cute lads there... is that true??

Check out Woz's userpics and make your own mind up ;o)

No ... actually we are all hideously ugly and interbred! Shame really that Hollyoaks makes everyone think we are total w*****s as well! ;0)

if thats you in the picture i would have to disagree about ya being fugly :o(

How about how he looks in this one though?

How does that one rate? ;o)

LOL.. um... well that looks like someone totally different!!!

Odd ... you do see that pic in my userpics right?

That is me ... with two heads! ;-)

yay!! its great to have um.. four legs :o)

Well I can run really quickly!

Um. Oi! I did not want your number. I told you you're being paranoid. Ditching me is one thing, I can understand that. But please, do not spread lies about me. That's not nice. Thank you. Right, I will try not to respond again. I saw this by accident. I'm sorry, but that just irritated me.

Um.. Yes you did.. you mentioned it and you know it.. I am not lying and thats not my style and you should know that!

I told you to just leave me alone, but the fact you are still posting comments proves my point..

you must have gone through my journal. gone to the friends bit, and looked at everyone of those comments..

why? and also, why are you anonymouse?!

Nah, I've know about James for years. I always look on his journal occasionally. I just noticed you'd posted and got curious. Sorry.
You embarrased me so I posted anon. There's a full explaination in response to your other comment.

why have i embarrased you?? i didnt mention your name did i?? and i'm bloody not lying either :o( i've just misunderstood you then

Nah, I've know about James for years.

Prove it ;o)

... and do as the lady asks!

But not before telling me who you are ;o)

Ugh, don't even go there :o(

Believe me ... I won't!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0)

y'know... that's just right for reading 15 minutes before a physics lesson. ::nods:: :)


It is? Groovy :o)

woooooooooooooooooo! muah ha ha ha

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