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My Day so far...
Well, what a day. I leave the house at 9am to go to the one and only cashpoint in the village. I withdraw everything I have (£50), bringing my bank balance to £0 and my pocket balance to £120. Not bad. I then walk up to the nearest bus stop, and wait for my bus. It's on time, surprisingly. I arrive in town at 9:45 - my interview isn't until 11. So I wander into the music store. I hear a really good piece of music being played, so ask what it is. They instruct me that it's Moby - My Weakness. I love this song very much (from the X Files), so I decide on impulse to buy Moby - Play, and while I'm at it Ronan Keating - Life is a Rollercoaster (don't care what you say - that song truly rules) and Limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around. Funds down to £90 (what with a one week bus ticket and all). Now I've just found that Ronan is playing Brighton on November 1st. Hmm... Should I go or not? No, wait, I know the answer to that - NO.

So I look at the time. 9:55. Stil ages to go. So I walk from that end of the town to the other. I then walk around the ring road (more or less - I took a slightly weird path that looped back on itself twice), until I was on effectively the side of the town. I walk from there to the other side. This takes me about 45 minutes, and represents a good few miles of walking. I'm now near where my interview is, so after a quick detour, I get to the place at 10:53.

The interview goes well - I start tomorrow, but he's yet to work out how much I'll be paid. I've been assured that it's at least £5 / hour, and since I'll be there approx. 8 hours a day, that makes £200 per week, for 6 or 7 weeks. Not bad. It involves working out mathematic coefficients for calibrating machines for measuring trace oxygen in gases. Despite how it sounds, it really looks rather interesting. Just as well I've done so much maths. Anyhow, the interview finished at 11:20, leaving me 40 minutes before my bus. I wander into town, to find that the bus isn't stopping there anyway, and I have to go back to the other end. So I walk there, and arrive at 11:50. The bus is due in 15 minutes, except it's then a further 15 minutes late. Oh well. Now I'm home.

And, much to my sadness, I'm now spending my time listening to Ronan Keating. The instrumental / karaoke type version of this song is rather good, as it goes. 'tis the second song that does a good sing-along (the other being the Truly Madly Deeply Late Night Radio Mix). I not only get to sing along without Ronan, but I get his backing singers accompanying me. It rules :o)

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What a grand day you've had. Not only was masses of walking and purchasing involved, but you can also "be" Ronan Keating. Splendid.

All I've wanted to do for the last few years is be Ronan. That's now possible, thanks to this CD. I'm so happy.

Of course, as of tomorrow I'm working 9-6... Less good...

Less good indeed. Or is it? Because you will be paid for it which is more good. See the logic? I'm sure you do.

Well, today is the first of the month. So my allowance goes into my account by standing order. So effectively, today I earned £50, and did the minimum of work (i.e. just going into town). Subsequent days will require me to work all day, for about £40 per day. So while those days will be more profitable than usual, today was a very good day :o)

You confuse me with your wordage. Remember I am now at work as I speak and I have a screaming headache. And a boring meeting in an hours time that has NO importance on my job - I am gonig to say how spec the server is and that's it. I could be replaced by a quickly written post-it note.

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