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.. this is where I belong
Ah, feel much better after my shower. I love the first couple of days at Uni, and here's why - I have my entire wardrobe to pick from. I arrive here, and all my clothes are clean, I can wear whatever I like. Naturally I have opted for the only sensible choice - grey American Outfitters shirt, blue jeans, white man-socks, peppermint-type-thing (I think) boxers, navy blue Aeropostale turtleneck. I love clothes :o)

.. uh, did I say that out loud? Oops. I don't love clothes. Hate 'em, I tell you. Honest ;o)

...Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen...

*sigh* I wish I had Ewan McGregor's voice.... It's just... well.... there aren't actually words for it. It's just great, or something :o)

So, plans? Well first, off to University to get my timetable - I could do it online, but it's much easier to see it all written down for me on a noticeboard. That way I can immediately see how badly they're screwing me out of my mornings :o)

On my way, I need money, but there's ATMs at the station, so that's easy enough. Right, no time to waste, I am away!! :o)

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Don't start showing your naked shoulders on LJ! I have to eat y'know! Put some of the clothes on you love so much!

Look at your userpic :oP

Anyhow, I'm nekkid in all my LJ userpics

Damn ... don't look at my user pic thats totally different ... ummm ahem!!!!!!!

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