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It's no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy...
I'd wanted to know the name of this song since I was in America this summer. I couldn't remember any words, only the tune, and I'm not the sort of person who'll randomly hum stuff at people, since I'd just sound dumb.

But now I've found it, so that's okay. We heard it in the car loads when I was there in December, but the time I remember most was driving towards Jen's house from the movie rental place, and everybody in the car was just singing it. It's great :o)

Downloading episodes of the next series of Friends right now, so that Jimbo and I can keep up with it - we don't have cable here, so we'd otherwise have to wait ages for the episodes to be shown. This way, we can keep up with the US, and stay ahead of everybody else in this country. I like that :o)

I've been eating lots of yummy food. I am now full. Yay me :o)

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I am doing the same:-) I have watched all of the episodes of the 8th season that have been aired so far! Yaaay! They will get to MY country in a year or 2 probably:-P

but I can't believe they've decided to stop shooting the show *cries*

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