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I was right, I tells yer...
Finally went to an AI lecture yesterday. Hooray! Well, a Programming lecture, but it's all the same. It was, in effect, an introduction to Unix, and more accurately an introduction to XEmacs. All simple enough, really... Dr Lutz started the lecture by saying "I hope we have all the SMS students here now, because somebody made a mistake and told them to go elsewhere", thus exonerating me and proving that it wasn't my fault I didn't go the other day.

So, the lecture... Basically, we were just talked through how to use XEmacs, and how to navigate Unix (something which I've already taught myself since being here - love the thing, it's so groovy). We also learned a LOT of basics, leading to many people calling the course "Programming for Girls". Sexist, but in many ways true - we were taught about saving our files before exiting, and similar stuff - hardly advanced learning, is it...

Right, so, after the lecture, I went shopping. I bought bacon, rolls, jam and maple syrup. Therefore, dinner yesterday consisted (unsurprisingly) of bacon and maple syrup, with some buttered rolls to go with them. And subsequently, today's breakfast was jam rolls, and cereal. I'm slowly getting back up to nutritional requirements, finally. After dinner last night, I went to my room and watched a lot of TV and read some books on Java. This was... um... fun. I then got invited out on a pub crawl with Alex and Mice. I decided that I might as well, so we first went to Falmer bar. Heeding my father's warning about spending too much, I decided that rather than having two doubles, I would have one treble. This lasted longer (because it's harder to drink), and I saved money on having one splash of coke, rather than the usual two. That lasted me the whole time we were there, which was good. Our next stop was The Grapevine, so that was, unsurprisingly, where we went next. There I had a half pint of coke, accompanied by three brandies. Again, this didn't cost much at all, which was good, and it lasted me ages. We then decided to go to Park Village bar, which we...
1\ Couldn't find
2\ Remembered was being refurbished or something
So instead, we went to East Slope bar for our last drink. Only to find people queueing to get in. So we didn't go there either. So in the end, our pub crawl involved two bars, and effectively two drinks. Fun...

During said excursion, Alex kept asking me if I fancied Mice (remember, Mice is a person in this context, not a species). Now I know I don't, and Mice knows I don't (we've had a talk about it, see), but the others all suspect that I do. Which is tremendous fun. And I decided not to give a straight answer either, which was even more annoying to her (Alex, that is). We then went on the swings for a while, and then went back. Chatted to Harry, Claire, and her bloke (whatever his name is) for a while. Then a load of us got into a philosophical and theological debate, which is never a good thing after I've had a few. I ended up arguing just to be contrary, so now they think I have all these funny values and morals and stuff. Oh well. I have since decided to give up alcohol, which should eliminate the possibility of that happening again (for at least another 4 hours).

Anyway, more later, I expect

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Just testing my account. Dad's just formated the hard disk on the good computer.

I still think you're his sister :-)

Uh, anyway, the Webley family will soon outnumber us, I spose... Oh, well. They'll never outwit us.

I think.

You hope ;o)

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