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People who sang to me (or equivalent):
  • Jimbo
  • Alex
  • Vicky
  • Jo
  • David
I hope that's not the end of the list. I demand the rest of you sing to me also.

Update: Also,
  • TFD
  • Stephie

Update 2: And especially
  • Jen Jen :o)

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Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer, pig farmer.
Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer man.
Rolls rolls in the pig muck and drives a brown pick-up,
Jaaaaames is a pig farmer, pig farmer man.

Happy now? : )

Bah, that should read "He rolls"and not"Rolls rolls"

I think the word "w00t" sums up my reaction reasonably well. But now you've got to ask yourself - was I being ironic? Do you feel lucky?

Who wouldn't want to feel ironic after a performance like that? The thing you have to ask yourself though is do you feel like Alanis Morrisette?

I have to say, lately I have been feeling increasingly like Alanis Morrisette, yes... Do you think it's serious?

I don't know if it's serious, but isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

(Deleted comment)
That's why you're not getting my pizza

(Deleted comment)
And we're all very glad that you've not tried :o)

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